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  1. Cherette Naman c Aling Flor😆
    Mas maganda sa malaybalay bukidnon bcoz of the Baguio weather experience and very near to CDO. Maybe in Camiguin Island if you want a rest house near the beach.
    In Davao, Island Garden City of Samal is very promising. Tabihan mo Ang Pearl farm Kung kaya mo.
    You can buy mountainous area in Davao like Talaingod and be a farmer ala MUP-Malinao of Davao😊 Cherette
    True na maganda Ang Mindanao bcoz people from Luzon once assigned in Mindanao, prefer to live in mindanao.

    • @ bong700 Bukidnon is LOVE!!!!!


      I had the chance to pass through. The bus route “Buda” will cut straight in. Yes, I got a hint of the Baguio weather at the Marilog District stop-over. Lake Sebu is here, right? From the DCOTT – Davao City Overland Transport Terminal – to the Agora Terminal in CDO City.


      Tagoloan is special to me. I said why in my comment in an-earlier-post-I-no-longer-recall-which. I am well-aware there are much better places. But that little place revealed itself to me at a critical point in my life; you could say it was a kind of lifesaver for me. SERENDIPITY, it certainly was….

  2. Very very raw
    She doesn’t even look like a pageant contestant
    But she has a beautiful face
    Just needs weight loss and some education on feminine grace



    Talaga’ng kailangan na’ng maka-retire du’n sa nakita ko’ng maganda’ng property sa Tagaloan, MisOr…. I wonder if anyone owns it? Para naman’g may pambili ako. LOLZ.

    I LIKE HER IMMEDIATELY. Bungad pa lang ng interview ni Mars, sold na’ko. She exudes WARMTH & EASE; I adore folks who do not require to be treated seriously but are only to themselves as such. I appreciate that she has learned the value of disconnecting from the jungle occasionally. Yes, all this means she is an introvert. But really, is it necessary to over-expose yourself on social media, gayon’g hindi ka pa naman talaga nanalo (pa)? She is WISE to pull back and preserve her pristine spirit. And certainly, reading all those books will provide her with even more INSIGHT.

    MEGAWATT SMILE; toothpaste endorsement! TONED LEGS (see her on that viewing deck rail).

    Mindanao has some of the country’s best roads. And that segment of freeway at the beginning of her “Beyond The Coastlines” video, I can also vouch for. Connecting Davao City and Butuan City, south to north, it is SMOOTH, WIDE, and bordered by lush mangrove plantings. Pleasing sight.

    Also in her video are the streets around the Tagum City public market which nightly are claimed by food vendors. I no longer remember when, but I had unlimited rice servings with my grilled chicken.

    If I am not mistaken, DavNor actually produces more durian than Davao City and Sur, combined….

    • Flor, go ahead and retire in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental. You might end up neighbors with Miss Philippines Earth Air 2019 Ana Monica Tan 🙂

    • Lands are so expensive in the Philippines
      Wheee I live , I can buy a land for a quarter of the price people pay in the Philippines for the same land size
      Gas in the Philippines is much more expensive … and certain food items like egg milk cereals and meat .
      I probably won’t live in the Philippines anymore .

      • Don’t put an irrevocable period to that thought just yet, Fabian. Who knows what Philippine life will bring in the years to come?

      • Bongga ka day Fabian😊
        Isa kang dakilang hampaslupa Kung ganun😊Tseh
        Di mo vah Alam na magiging Singapore or Dubai Ang Philippines bcoz of DU30. Hihihi. Thumbs down na mga dilawan😊

      • Tito Norman. I’m. Probably talking this way because I am still healthy and able to work . However , I know a lot of Pinoys in my area who have decided to spend the rest of their lives here .
        Not to shame my fellow Pinoys , people are a lot nicer here. In the Philppines , they call you names and slam the door in your face. Pinoys in the service industry are very nice to foreigners but not so to their fellow Kababayan . Idk , I haven’t back in a long time . Maybe , Pinoys are different now .Fab

      • @ Fabian Reyes I have heard that NOW (or at least before the pandemic), the cost of living in the USA might be lower than it is here.


        True. Petrol is expensive, here. So is electricity. Internet is sub-par to some ASEAN neighbors. And FOOD IS COSTLY. I had Thai friends who chuckled at the prices; they insist they, after careful observation, can match, if not exceed, typical daily Pinoy fare at a fraction of the cost if they do it back home in Bangkok. Dairy, I am not surprised, is expensive here as, after all, Philippines has NO proper (to date) dairy industry to speak of. Most is imported, including the edam “queso de bola” for Christmas; I heard that Denmark (?) makes a lot of money from Philippines this way.

        So, yes. You have a point.

        Land prices are relative to extent of development of the area. Were you looking at condominiums?

      • @ Fabian Reyes I apologize. You were looking at land per se, sans any development.

        You know what you could do? Unload. Liquidate/dispose of any remaining assets here.

        Because if we have neither plans nor reasons to hold on or to return, we should move on.

        Naalala ko tuloy ‘yung song ni Taylor Swift na “White Horse”.

        “I’m not a princess. This isn’t a fairy tale….It’s a BIG world. That was a small town. There in my rear-view mirror, disappearing now…”.

        Mr. Tinio, this is yet another atrtibute of a #PhenomenalWoman.

        She can move on EASILY WHEN SHE NEEDS TO. Nothing holds her back. She is IN CONTROL.


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