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  1. Fil Dubai, Fil Florida, Fil Melbourne?
    Anong kalolohan yan?
    National pageants from other countries do not have USA Manila, Colombia Cebu or Venezuela Valenzuela 😅

  2. #PatrixiaSantos #DaragaAlbay #MPE2020 #BeautiesForACause #PATHtotheMPECrown #BeBetter #VETforourEarth #MissPhilippinesEarth2020

  3. Let’s Go Queen Patrixia Santos for the win! BANG! #PatrixiaSantos #DaragaAlbay #MPE2020 #BeautiesForACause #PATHtotheMPECrown #BeBetter #VETforourEarth #MissPhilippinesEarth2020

  4. LABAN PATRIXIA! PUSO! #PatrixiaSantos #DaragaAlbay #MPE2020 #BeautiesForACause #PATHtotheMPECrown #BeBetter #VETforourEarth #MissPhilippinesEarth2020

  5. Let’s Go Queen Patrixia Santos for the win! BANG! #PatrixiaSantos #DaragaAlbay #MPE2020 #BeautiesForACause #PATHtotheMPECrown #BeBetter #VETforourEarth #MissPhilippinesEarth202

    • GO QUEEN PATRIXIA SANTOS FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! #PatrixiaSantos #DaragaAlbay #MPE2020 #BeautiesForACause #PATHtotheMPECrown #BeBetter #VETforourEarth #MissPhilippinesEarth2020

  6. It is common for a pageant to acquire the beauty, body, and brain. winning is not just on the end of a contest it is a responsibility to have a title as miss Earth Philippines and I see that qualities thru Eco Angel Patrixia Santos. She got that responsibility deep inside her heart and mind.

  7. My vote goes to Santos. Relatable and Mic drop galore
    We all know Loraine likes brainy ladies plus factor maganda at sexy si Pat

  8. Patrixia Santos from Daraga,Albay

    #PatrixiaSantos #DaragaAlbay #MPE2020 #BeautiesForACause #PATHtotheMPECrown #BeBetter #VETforourEarth #MissPhilippinesEarth2020

  9. Mann vs. Tor mes…. but I hope it’s Tor mes , just for perseverance sake ; I’ve never heard of Mann but she looks lovely , she can try again next year …

  10. virtual din ang reign

    tanim ng puno

    linis ng ilog

    clean up drive

  11. My prediction; A neck and neck competetion for the crown between Santos and Tormis.

  12. I sometimes agree na so so girl lang muna ipadala. pang semis. but its not fair to make that girl win over the girl whose the real winner. ang dapat lang dyan is magpadala ang ibat ibang bansa ng very competetive talaga in over all and No Filipino judges allowed during ME pageant. Maglagay sila ang scores sa screen for transparency.

  13. Tormes is beautiful, sana lang pagawa nya ilong nya. Yun lang palagi ang comment sa kanya. But I believe she has an excellent personality. Good Luck Shane!

  14. My Elemental Court all come from the first photo-grid – Mann, Santos, Llanes, & Baeyens.

  15. Filipino pageant FANS DO NOT LIKE the idea that WE OFTEN WIN in Miss Earth (especially IF SHE is NOT BEAUTIFUL like KI of KF), NOT in the NEXT FIVE years the very least. TANDAAN NINYO ito Miss Earth ORGANIZERS para HINDI LALONG MASIRA ang reputation ninyo sa pageant world. So this year we should send a representative that will only reach the semifinals (and not any further). And I think the most appropriate girl is SHANE TORMES – beautiful, fierce and with (just) adequate communication skills. PATRIXIA SANTOS (Flor’s schoolmate) is TOO intelligent and blessed with very good communication skills (but is petite and not so pretty) and my fear if ever she wins as ME, MATULAD SIYA kay KI that will be bashed forever. Mabuti na SO-SO rep lang muna ipadala natin para iwas for more controversy and bashing to ME, the Philippines & Filipinos.

    • @ Pierro Rocco Look at that…. Our comments missed by just six (6) minutes.


      Very well. Here goes my attempt to rank my Elemental Court (see my comment above you).

      MPE 2020 > Shannen Mann (because @ Fabian Reyes likes her, she looks like GCB in the photo, and to continue the MPE tradition of crowning halfies, like Cortesi, Herrell, and Henry), MPE-Air > Patrixia Santos (because the the TRUE winner – on points – frequently gets displaced by “vested interests” and besides a strong finish in her Nationals will be firm credential for cross-over to….), MPE-Fire > Roxie Baeyens (kasi artistahin ang arrive niya, therefore FIERY), & MPE-Water > Miah Llanes (she MUST get the Hana Shampoo endorsement deal!).

      I use Hana Shampoo. Mura, compared to more popular brands like Sunsilk or Palmolive! And my head ends up smelling like bubble gum.

      • Based ka ba talaga sa Pinas ?
        I’m wondering what u do for a living , u R one of the best writers here

      • Based ka ba talaga sa Pinas ?
        I’m wondering what u do for a living , u R one of the best writers here

      • @ Fabian Reyes Yes, am in Manila.

        I have never written for a living. My freshman college Humanities professor said my writing sucked.


      • I hated Humanities and Sociology
        You have a very ‘spicy ‘ style . Not quite conversational but really interesting . Lots of info .
        I lived in Manila for 7 straight years … QC and the other metro areas are like foreign countries to me . I have no idea where things are

      • @ Fabian Reyes I think we are all like that at first – live our entire lives within a tight radius. After all, why leave when all your needs are satisfied without having to go far. Saves time & money.

        Without my work, I had no reason to “complete Manila”. Thanks to it, I have been to all its constituent cities and towns. You learn to get around, and gain some sense of the mass transport. system. But that required plenty of stamina. It got really exhausting sometimes….

        Being at a new place for a week or more, knowing next to nothing of it, you have to do some research so that locals can give you the best advise, the fastest/cheapest way to get from A to B.

        I share your feelings about Quezon City. It is VAST. Like I keep insisting in Michelle Gumabao’s case, she should learn as much as she can about her home city as it can be a country in itself, with all the activity that happens there.

        My travels are behind me now. The wanderlust has left me. I am now fully content in my little circle.

  16. Santos Mann and Tormes are the stand outs for me . Tormes has a lot of nose though . It will be her Achilles’ tendon in the competition . And she’s repping a new city , what the f—-?

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