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  1. Maureen has a very feminine vibe especially when she talks .if KF can only soften her face . I think it’s the nose and the cheeks . I’m sure the problem can be solved by experimenting on her make up . She can really do a Lara Q win
    I hope Hannah joins MUP next yr
    I hope Sam wins whatever crown she is qualified for . I just she and Vickie had won last yr . It would have been a lot easier to figure out who wins what this yr.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Sige.

      We’ll have to convince Atty. M to proceed with your idea to pursue Harvard….


  2. So Bb Pilipinas postponed the pageant indefinitely … but why wait to just appoint winners . Indefinitely might eventually mean none for 2020 year…

    If Miss International 2020 pushes forward, are we really saying that we will likely not have a delegate ?

    Please just make appointments and train a lot …
    Miss International > Vicki Rushton
    Miss Supranational > Sam Bernardo
    Miss Intercontinental > Maureen Montagne
    Miss Globe > Hannah Arnold
    Miss Grand International > send Aya Abesamis , sayang sya …

    • @ jaretwrightlover EXACTLY. Mag-appoint na lang. Unusual times, special-case.

      I saw a video reportage of Mario Dumaual where he said “March 2021”.

      Now, if MI pushes through by year-end, probably so will Supranational because Europe has already begun unlocking. Same for The Miss Globe, which will probably be somewhere in Europe, too.


      BUT, NEITHER Hannah nor Maureen! They will need to slug it out IN THE EVENT THE CURRENT BATCH WILL BECOME THE 2021 EDITION. Accrual na lang. Wala na’ng panibago’ng Screening.

      • If they make these appointments , I am sure the whole Pinas pageant world especially this pageant message board will all scream with fighting enthusiasm and hope and glee !!! …

    • @jaretwrightlover the problem with appointing reps from the current roster of contestants is that it sends a message that the org has already a particular set of candidates that they favor, and therefore fairness and the unbiasedness of the org will ultimately be questioned. It would be wiser for BPCI to appoint previous queens who they already crowned para hindi unfair dun sa remaining candidates na hindi man lang nabigyan ng chance to compete and prove their worth pero di pa rin napili

      • @ unorthodox Point taken.

        The way I see it, it is an advantage, if I were competing, for front-runners like Sam & Vickie to be “out of the way”.

        Pero sige. Kung previous queens at yaman rin lang ay nakatali pa rin ng kontrata sa BPCI, BBP-International > Emma, BBP-Supranational > Gazini, & BBP-(The)Globe > Resham.

  3. @ serge & @ bonsaihater There was money at stake; MEco-International organization was apparently offering the final tranche of Suheyn Cipriani’s cash prize. Plus, there needs to be a previous “titlist” for the 2020 crowning, which could be Kelley Day if Philippines got LUCKY. 🙂

    Maureen probably did not want to look “mapera”.

    But this is now all done. Onward to BBP 2020!


      @ Jonalyn Hernandez

      Not @ bonsaihater. My apologies to affected parties.

  4. Sana tinanggap na lang ni MM ang MEI title. Hindi pa din naman sigurado ang pagkapanalo niya sa Binibini. Pero in the end I respect her decision. We create our own reality.

  5. I admire Maureen for her loyalty to BPCI and her determination to seek another glory. I understand BB Pil competetion has officially started because some pre-pageant activites were already held.I do not know the repercussion if she backs out in the middle of the competetion. If I were in her shoes, I will accept the offer of MEI if there is no legal impediment. An international crown is an international crown regardless how it is acquired. It is an honor not only for her but for the country as well.

  6. maureen. may puntos ka na kay madam. all you have to do is to maintain everything and show an outstanding performances then bbp mgi or supra crown is yours. kung ang mapunta sayo ay globe or intercon i think pwede na din. wag lang MI for a reason na everything you have is not fit in MI. you are more fit in rampadora stage. more puntos don. look at ung ka batch ni patch last year na si Miss Peru or PR. pang supra ang galawan ni ate sa SS. kaya naligwak.

    • @ jed Speaking of pang-Supra rampadora….

      May isa du’n sa ASEAN 4 sa Top 8 na feeling ganu’n. ‘Yun tuloy, hindi naka-penetrate sa Final 5.

      Clue : not Bint Sireethron Leearamwat, obviously. 🙂

  7. Well, Mr. Tinio, from these early comments, it seems MM is KF’s best standard-bearer, after all.

    I was not in favor of MM. She has already competed internationally, and I wanted that chance to be given to either Sam Ber or Mdme. VR, the former more than the latter if you were to ask me whom I would choose between the two….

    And MM is now essentially the game-determinant for BBP 2020. The results will revolve around which title she ends up with – either Supranational or Grand International.

    If Supranational, I expect her to at least match the performance of Katrina Jayne Dimaranan!!!

    Well, according to @ bonsaihater, my dear sweet Angkol wants her. What (else) can we say? 🙂

  8. umaasa pa sa pageants eh wala nga vaccine

    2021 pa magkaka pageant ulit

  9. Actually her decision is fit and right. lol. na miss ko ang fit n right juice. hinde disappointed sa eco org yan since wala din naman maipapagawa sa kanya coz nasa crisis pa. pero may sweldo pa din naman sya before she pass the crown. and then official candidates na sya ng bbp so understood na ng eco org yan. they know the feeling na may mag back out sa pageant so they will not disapppoint sma. isa pa. i want her to fight again this time on a bigger international stage. meron pa sya naitatago na need nya ibuga on another international stage. so dapat lang d nya i accept ang eco crown. hate to say pero among bbp titles pang MGI and Supra stage sya. kahit alin sa dalawa. Hayss. sana naman ang intercon at globe mag level up na kahit sa staging man lang which is more important in pageant activities.

  10. My MIp is mm
    Supra gab
    Mgi felizarta
    Intercon at globe di ko Alam ano ang age limit pero sana bigay na kay Sam b
    As much na tard fan ako ni Hanna last yr. I don’t see her winning this yr. She can be a future mup

    • @ bonsaihater Saw your comment below.

      Ganito na lang ang suggestion ko, for you…. Since convinced ka na MM will Supra-SLAY (as does Blogger Man),…

      BBP-International – (?), BBP-Supranational – MM, BBP-Intercontinental – Gabby (26 is their age limit), BBP-Grand International – Justine Felizarta, & BBP-(The)Globe – Sam B (30 is their age limit but more importantly, we need a good follow-up to Leren considering you are unwilling to give Hannah to Nias “Biday” Pilar). ‘Yung padadala mo na lang sa Osaka ang isipin mo pa…. 🙂

  11. Sabi ng mga tiko na beks si mau bet na bet ng favorite tiyuhin natin fr the land of smiles

  12. It was a tough decision and I admired to your wise decision to decline the crown. I hope you will bring home one the titles in Bb. Pilipinas 2020.

  13. Kung sa bagay…..

    Kailangan MALAKAS ang pantapat kay Jihane.

    OK, payag ako si MM mag-crown, PERO KAILANGAN “Game Over” na sina SamBer at Mdme. VR. To add, may parang statement si SamBer sa isa’ng recent chat-interview na she was unhappy about the indefinite postponement (ostensibly because she will overage for a title she had her heart on?). But, that “life goes on”, too. Mr. Tinio, what about ICSM-Infinity Pageants-PGQ?

    I REFUSE to submit to the”KF TRES MARIAS” bandwagon!!!

    KF will get NO MORE THAN TWO (2) titles (so,MM, plus….I already gave my preferences earlier).

    • @flor saw the ladies. Pinaka maganda katawan at tindig ni maureen for this batch and her voice registers well. Lalaban ito sa suprachat

  14. international crown na inayawan pa
    girl wala nga pang ayuda ang BBP

    walang pageant na magaganap wala pang vaccine

    corona virus makakamit mo

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