5 comments on “Vincy Vacalares: Education as the Greatest Equalizer for the Youth

  1. Teaching is the most noble of all professions. That is why I have a soft spot for teachers who dare join pageants because they are competing on their inner beauty– intellect and values– more than their outer beauty. They all seem to follow Apple’s mantra: “Think different”. Pageantry is a very good platform for holistic beauties on educating a much wider classroom, the entire country. I wish Vincy the very best of luck.

    • @ scorg Yyaaayyyyy!…. 🙂

      That means you support also Riana Pangindian & Thea Cenarosa (TALL Ilongga teacher at BBP).

      Their pupils will be ECSTATIC. Plus, a win is great publicity for their school.

  2. Mr. Tinio, I have three (3) questions for you.

    1) Bambi Emano is MisOr governor. Who is CDO City mayor, po?

    2) ‘Pag modified GCQ po ba, STILL REQUIRED mag-mask? If so, all this mask-making can be GOOD MONEY for the short-tern. You guys should consider taking bulk orders….

    3) Can Vincy’s AP/manager/handler sponsor a few of her male students, pogi at tangkad, pag-gy-myn na’t maisabak sa Regionals/Provincials, ta’s ilaban ‘yung best ones either sa MrWP or GP. Ano po ba’ng mayroon sa Mindanao at kagaganda ng mga lalaki du’n?

    So, (my) LOVELY Caroline Veronilla is sashed as MisOr. My Mindanao Four still consists of her with Davao City (Alaiza), Davao del Norte (We’Am), and the one you featured whose advocacy is the Mamanwa group, an instant MUP sponsor CSR program! And only recently did I learn that “Davao de Oro” was the former Compostela Valley. Are they still extracting gold there, Blog Boy?

    • CDO Mayor is Oscar Moreno. And yes, masks are still required to be worn under GCQ. Now as far as the AP or handlers of Vincy are concerned, I don’t think they are keen on grooming a male national pageant aspirant at the moment. But I agree, there are many good-looking guys in Mindanao.

      Davao de Oro possesses one of the largest gold deposits in the Philippines, with 10 out of its 11 towns having one or more gold mines in each. So in essence, gold mining is still ongoing in the former Compostela Valley, Flor.

      • @ Norman If it is STILL what I know it to be, much of that gold is extracted by foreign-interest mining companies that will leave once the more accessible ores are spent, taking everything with them. The residuals are panned/gathered by locals in an informal economy set-up, paid a pittance by middlemen who get quite rich. Sad, no?

        But Philippines puts much of its wealth in precious metals – gold bars – as this is as asset that retains value quite well long term. Gold not only is a staple of jewelry but has commercial-industrial applications, in addition to eclectic-eccentric-zany things such as gold-plated furniture and edible gold leaf! Our Central Bank probably has now some tons of the stuff, good for stabilizing our Peso, if I understand correctly how this whole thing goes….

        CDO was precisely that, too, in the past – a literal gold mining town, if I am not mistaken.

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