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  1. Among all beauty pageants, our homegrown pageant Miss Earth has the timeliest advocacy—something I always feel proud as a Filipino pageant enthusiast. It is disappointing however that it showed lack of preparedness to proactively take its advocacy to the next level in this global scourge. Scientists believe that the next cataclysmic menace is climate change pandemic if humanity does not actively fight for environmental protection action now. With the lessons learned from this pandemic on how easily a deadly unseen virus can shutdown businesses and change social mores overnight, what innovative strategic initiatives does ME plan to launch to rise above the rest as a platform for environmental action? Being advocacy-centric does not make pageantry relevant. Being advocacy-driven does.

  2. I don’t understand the hate
    She is a beauty pageant winner .. not the WHO chief Or Wonderwoman !!!

  3. Still she is the most beautiful among the BIG 5 winners in 2019. This is my ranking: (1) Miss Earth, (2) Miss Supranational, (3) Miss International, (4) Miss Universe, & (5) Miss World. Miss Grand International belongs to the other group – Miss Globe, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Eco International, etc.

  4. Too little, too late. Nothing new in what she said. Everybody already knew those tips since. I wish through its crowned spokesperson, ME organization has made its presence felt much earlier. There seems to be a dearth of creativity and drive for relevance. The pageantry world expects much from this advocacy-centric pageant in this period where humanitarian action is most needed. Not even a whimper was heard.

    • LOL. Double standard amp. Taas ng standards sa ME. Sa ibang pageant, walan say amp.

  5. THAT, dearest co-commentators, was Alaiza Flor Malinao in the video! May hawig. 🙂

    • @Flor, at least Alaiza Malinao’s inner beauty glows radiantly in this pandemic. Her advocacy is one of the most relevant actions in this difficult period.

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