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  1. Sana itong MU2019 eh
    wag matulad sa MU2017 na maaganag asawa at pumatol sa LGBT
    at sa MU 2018 na pumatol sa walang career na hokage baka maaga rin mag asawa

    gamitin ng utak ng mabuti

    • Lol patsy na patay ka Kay Tebow, huh!
      Napakakisig ni Tiim
      He’s American . If he was gay, he would have come out already

  2. Two quintessential holistic beauties– brains, values, physique. They represent the living templates of a confidently beautiful woman.

  3. Lara and Zozobini are the KIND of beauties that the current Miss Universe Organization is looking for. Both are EXCELLENT COMMUNICATORS. They CAN TALK & DISCUSS with EASE VARIOUS TOPICS and CONCERNS CONFRONTING our SOCIETY in different platforms. Both also do and/or support various causes (heartily) to uplift the lives of many people specially women. AND SO WE SHOULD FIND this KIND of WOMAN to be OUR NEXT Miss Universe Philippines. SINO SIYA sa TINGIN NINYO?

    • @ Pierro Rocco I’ll tell you what she is NOT.

      She is NOT an intellectual with Latin honors from top-notch university.

      Neither is she someone who frolics in mass/general public adulation of her flossy life & cool friends. In other words, she is NOT some glamor puss over-hyped simply because.

      She is someone who has LEARNED crucial life lessons which she DEFTLY applies in her day-to-day movements, obligations, and relationships. Her heart in Heaven, her head FIRMLY on Earth.

      In other words, she can verbally tussle with the likes of ZT and LD because she can add practical insights and meaningful solutions. That’s NOT easy; it requires ABUNDANT life experience! You can be as eloquent and lofty as theses two fine women. But if you are unable to bring it all down to the street, ON THE GROUND, then you remain…. simply little more than adornment. 🙂

      • Wow! Another avalanche of wisdom from the happy-go-lucky Flor. Venerable co-commenter, I’m floored!

      • But Flor, among the MUP contenders, who can tussle with the likes of ZT and LD in this verbal volleyball, who has no latin honors from a leading university and has earned life’s lessons from the school of hard-knocks?

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