6 comments on “Update Chat with Gabrielle Basiano

  1. SHe can take any of the crown!

    Basta pag nanalo siya, sa akin na si Papa Luke Conde!

  2. She has an engaging personality. She can be a contender to the crown.

  3. Bakit MUKHA SIYANG (LALAKING) BASAGULERO sa picture? Who did the styling? WHY DID YOU (handlers) CHOOSE that PHOTO for POSTING? Hindi lang siya mukhang lalaki, mukha siyang super malaking lalaki because of the outfit & the styling. To the handlers – PLEASE CHOOSE CAREFULLY the PHOTOS to be released, photos that are beneficial to your candidates and not the other way around.

  4. Super ganda nya. kaya lang i find her beauty more fit in MU or supra. But if kylie succesfully did toned down her fiercely side. Then i think. she can do it too. She is welcome in MUP/MU.

    • @ jed Agree with you on Supranational.

      But MUP? Probably not. Tandaan, ni-reject na siya dati ng A&Q.


      Siyempre, if she does opt to try for MUP and assuming she comes out utterly empty-handed at BBP, she will require a very influential handler/manager to serve as her AP. Aba! Gabrielle Basiano ‘yan. Hindi ‘yan kung sinu-sino lang na pretty barrio lass na na-discover. May 1st RU placement na siya sa Internationals.

      If she does not bag anything now, the SMART thing to do is to stay loyal to BPCI and re-try with them, NOT crossover anymore. One of us commented before how MPE had the stomach to practically ignore her on her first National attempt. Even Thai’s are amazed at her beauty!

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