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  1. gurl

    kunin mo na corona
    minor title lang din naman makukuha mo sa Bbp 2020
    if may pageant pa na magaganap

    walang international pageant na magaganap
    kung meron man virtual ito

    wala pang vaccine
    ang gamot eh hindi effective para sa lahat

    covid is here to stay this 2020 and 2021
    we just need to live with it

  2. If walang pageant ang eco this year and maureen accepted the crown. she need to back out in bbp and then possible march or april 2021 ang pageant ng eco and there mau will pass the crown. kaya lang possible nya ma miss ang bbp 2021 screening lalo na if march or april 2021 nya pa ipapasa ang crown sa new miss eco. she can submit on jan or feb which is the usual date ng bbp registration. pero ung screening possible nya ma miss. theres nothing bad if she accept or not. the bbp and eco org will understand if accept the crown or not. mau has a valid reason not accept or to accept the crown. conflict lang for bbp2021 if gusto pa sumali ulit. unless no conflicts. i think accept the crown and return in bbp 2021. kaya lang d malaman if may eco this year. kung meron man. shes safe to join bbp2021. she naipasa na nya ang eco crown.

    • Ako dun na ako sa siguradong korona. Kasi hindi naman natin alam kung ano mangyayari by 2021. At in case na sya naman talaga ang nanalo sa miss Eco, malaman hindi na rin talaga sya makakasali sa BBP. kaya lang naman sya sumali sa BBP ksai hobby na nya ang mag join sa beauty pageant.

  3. Congrats in advanced Maureen!!!! Insta-crown ang peg…hihihihihi

    But she did well anyway and she’ll probably get Intercontinental or Grand International for this BBP edition.

  4. Tito Norman if she gets appointed and she accepts she will not be able to join BBP 2020?

    • @ Closer2Fame That’s it? (All) she gets is money? No post-pageant awra? No wonder Thia….


      Kung sa bagay, kailangan maging practical. Anyway, with the pandemic still raging, it’s highly unlikely she could put in lots of miles for MEco-International organization. Parang si Nellys rin sa ME, wala’ng awra. Si Alisa Manyenook, ba, umuwi na rin ng Russia/Belarus? Did she get the chance to join Michelle Gumabao for a volleyball charity fundraiser?

      • Technically, the reign of Miss Eco International 2019 is over by now. And that could be the reason why the organizers are still deliberating on whether to replace the Peruvian winner who got pregnant or just leave everything as is.

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