8 comments on “Nathalia Urcia: Faith in the Strength and Power of a Woman

  1. PEOPLE, here’s LATEST NEWS – Si MAUREEN MONTAGNE na ang Miss ECO International 2019! Buntis si Miss Peru. Ang swerte nga naman dumarating kahit may COVID-19. Ha, ha, ha…

    • According to my sources at Miss World Philippines Organization, the news item posted by PEP.ph is not confirmed. Unless an official statement is released by the organizers of Miss Eco International, everything is still premature at this point.

  2. Hello, Ms. Nathalia Urcia,

    Brandy and Sophie are ADORABLE. On behalf of commentators of Norma’s blog, we wish them ALL THE VERY BEST, ALWAYS. 🙂

    How has Batangas come along since Taal’s eruption last year? We hope all who were badly affected have somehow regained some measure of control of their lives again.

    Aside from that eruption, two recent events that fans and judges might want to ask you is what you make of the SARS-Cov2 pandemic and the “closure” of ABS-CBN, what these mean to YOU.

    Both @ scorg and @ Pierro Rocco make it clear. Your PERSONAL BRAND – YOUR VALUES – are what will serve as both armor and ammunition as you enter the cauldron of MUP. And if I may add, I respectfully suggest you take lessons from the history and experience of your Batangas. I know it hosts MIGHTY corporate entities like Pilipinas Shell, Nestle Philippines, and JG Summit. There also are significant foreign investments in power generation and animal feed, among others. Your province is so much more than “the best beaches near Manila”. For me, its personal brand include terms such as “common sense”, “logic”, and “pragmatism”. If you are able to work out how you can unite all these into a cohesive narrative with yourself as living witness to it all, the Question Round and Preliminary Interviews can be a cinch. Non averre paura!

  3. @Pierro, I absolutely agree with you on intellectual prowess as a criteria for a beauty queen. Other than the academe, written, online and telecast materials are the best sources of knowledge to sharpen one’s intellect. An adequate stock of knowledge is the passport to a confidently beautiful demeanor in any social setting. I must add though that complementation from personal values makes one’s inner beauty radiate. Obviously, inner beauty plus outer beauty makes for the phenomenal woman MUP is looking for.

    • Values are best seen in advocacy, the wraparound to one’s personal brand that makes one greater than oneself. Incidentally, in an era where brand advocacy is fast becoming the currency of marketing, values provide pageantry’s link to corporate sponsors whose brands are looking for deep emotional connections to their consumers. To illustrate, aren’t the perceptual images of a phenomenal woman congruent to the emotional triggers of the following branding messages: Toyota’s “Start Your Impossible”; L’Oreal’s “Because You’re Worth It”, Nike’s “Just Do It”, Apple’s “Think Different”, Adidas’ “Impossible Is Nothing”. Don’t these brands resonate enduring passion, excellence, and leadership? Going back to MUP, isn’t it any wonder why it has a lot of corporate sponsors? And the sponsorships were not shaken by this pandemic?

  4. So much on this advocacy thing. Mabuti pa mag-practice KAYO (MUP candidates) on HOW TO ANSWER DIFFICULT QUESTIONS such as the psychographic concerns of Scorg. READ, READ & READ so that you will have many significant, relevant and correct answers to share to the worldwide audience. PRACTICE DAILY your conversational ENGLISH so that you will sound natural and NOT rehearsed or worse FAKE (like GG).

    I just HOPE MUP candidates & their handlers are reading the posts of the commenters here Norman. Thank you.

    • @Pierre, on the hope that candidates and handlers read the posts of commenters: I sincerely wish they do. Perhaps, Sir Norman can pass on to the handlers some select constructive comments that will positively help the candidates in their bid. True, there are so many irreverent smart-alecky comments trolling around, but there are also a good number of progressive ideas that reflect the professional background of the commenters. From their office desks and workplaces, they have something to contribute to the development of pageantry.

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