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  1. How I wish she kept her BB. Pilipinas International crown, and somebody else were sent to Miss World 99.

  2. Flor, multiple endorsements, guestings, and endorsements are already lined up for the titlist. I understand the pageant org., the winner, and the pageant sponsors have to agree on the schedule of different activities. Titlist cannot simply leave. That would be a big mess. Besides, pageant sponsors usually prefer the winner to be the endorser. Giving the winner the the option to terminate the contract is making things difficult both for the pageant org. and the pageant sponsor.

    • @ serge OK. Fine. I quit. 🙂

      Now that you mentioned it, probably the reason BPCI no longer pursued Lalaine was that there was nothing else lined up for her after MW and no sponsor expressed interest in her…

      Which begs the question, does a titlist with no “awra” imply the organization may have not made the best choice? If she isn’t bankable, then she’s dead weight, therefore it might save the organization money to simply let her go? For example, MUO surely was quite satisfied with the golden eggs Catriona laid for them. But what of ZT, that she’s locked down by SARS-Cov-2? We had to pay to talk to ZT recently…. Moral of the lesson : it’s always a GAMBLE, contract whatever.

  3. Good thing about Mars is he is very interactive . This is something that Tito Norman could learn from him . Tito Norman is a great pageant writer but he looks very robotic on TV. He’s like a very stiff intellectual . Pls Let it go , Tito Norman. let your hair down!!

    • Thanks for the advice. Sometimes, having poor eyesight (like me) can be a hindrance because of the Zoom setup. If I dont wear my reading glasses, everything will be a blur. If I wear my distance glasses, the proximity of the screen will be more blurry.

      • That is a good point for discussion Flor and a good question for pageant finalists. Can a national titleholder be given the option to terminate her contract after competing in an international beauty pageant? For me, she should not be given the option because in the first place, it is presumed that a candidate should have read and understood what are stipulated in the contract before signing up for the competetion.

      • @ serge ‘Yun nga ‘yung i-suggest ko. Na, AT THE ONSET, make it an option. It will be in the standard contract. BUT OF COURSE, may kaakibat na consequences….

        I can understand it when Lalaine said she was not in the proper frame of mind at that time. She is also fortunate BPCI opted to not pursue her. Siguro, nu’ng panahon’g ‘yun, takot at confused siya, so she took the safer route by keeping mum. After all, you have to watch what you say.

        It’s also possible that as a result of cases such as hers that the present contract is even more stringent. For example, isn’t this the first time that the titlists have been served 18-month (year-and-a-half) tenures? Kaya ‘eto, nakatali sina Gazini, Resham, Leren, Aya, Emma, SamBer, at Patch. The latter, ostensibly kaya nag-“disappearing act” sa Guam right after being crowned was because her legal advisers (she is lawyer, after all) had issues with the BPCI terms…. SamBer, of course, probably “resigned” as Runner-up once the titlists were all done, to avoid season overlap. And Sam Lo is an entirely different case altogether….

    • Fabian. Norman is more suited for formal and intellectual discourse. I suppose colloquial conversation is not his cup of tea.

  4. Now I know. She was rebelling, got lost, and found somebody whom she could spend the rest of her life, who are we to blame her.

    • I thought we entrusted her the responsibility to represent us at MW and the events that came after that . That’s who we are.

      • @ Fabian Reyes Who/what we are is also the one that elects into the Palace less-than-ideal mortals.


        Kung ako lang, OK lang sa’kin na bigyan ng option ang reps for voluntary (read : their option) termination of their contracts right after their international competitions. Naka-compete na sila; ‘yun naman ang importante at anyway the “reservists” – her Runners-up – can cover for the remainder of her (local) reign. Basta may clause na any royalties/honoraria corresponding to the unfulfilled portion of the contract will default. Lalo na sa henerasyo’ng ito na very mobile, updated, at connected sa mundo, mahirap sila’ng i-pin down sa iisa’ng lugar…. Huwag pilitin kung ayaw na. Ikaw pa palalabasin na pinahihirapan mo sila…. BPCI was wise to just let it/her go.

        To do so also proves that the organization is ROBUST, that the loss of any of its members will not cripple it.

        But Mr. Tinio, please SPILL NOW about the animosity between MEO and Cortesi. Btw, how is she, po? I assume she is here in the country to finally complete residency. Does she make income, or does she have someone supporting her financially? How is her time with JM? Amore?

      • Flor Tula …if we give the girls the option to resign after their international competition, who will be left to continue on ?

      • Fabian. LOVE knows no reason. Hahamakin ang lahat, masusunod lamang

  5. I thought Tito Norman was going to be here
    I am not sure I would trust this guy to interview anyone
    I mean he seems very kind peasant and down to earth
    But after watching his interview with Sorsogon , it left a scar in my impression abt Sorsogon that will never disappear even after multiple sessions of laser therapy .

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