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  1. @ Fabian Reyes Someone who self-describes as “so entry level” (with reference to @ scorg’s psychographics) could not possibly afford renting a place worth 5k/month, regardless of currency.


    When I said investments, what I had in mind is some kind of consumer goods franchise. Bank savings is a type of investment, too. But the returns are very meager. In any case, since Pia is under JG’s care, MG should personally know financial experts who can advise her on this matter.

    @ scorg & @ Norman HERE is one such woman who knows the situation “on the ground”, having endured it herself. BUT, AND VERY IMPORTANTLY, the winner of MUP must possess the single most vital attribute of humanity, the other “h” word – HUMILITY. What she should NEVER do is attempt to out-stage/out-talk ZT or LD! And ironically (for me), one young lady who has demonstrated abundant modesty is one who does have top University Latin Honors. We all know she is. All she could muster was a “wow” after Samantha Lo blew up a bragadoccio balloon at a BBP 2019 Preliminary Interview-Chat.

    She needs INSIGHT? There is no shortage of the stuff on the daily news on our SARS-Cov2 front-liners. Vocalist Ronnie Liang, who volunteered to be an Army reservist after performing for our gallant troops. And that young policeman who offered financial assistance from his own personal money (!) after finding out the delivery boy he apprehended was a struggling working student; the cop-and-soon-father-to-be received a (monetary) token of appreciation from an anonymous donor who found out about the gesture.

    The likes of DLNP(Tebow), ZT, & LD are hard to come by. The first has demographic data to back her claims up; she is, after all, fresh from school. The second had the advantage of an upbringing that while “segregated” was also swollen with PRIDE OF (self-)IDENTITY. And the third just was lucky to come from a family that “knew no fear” (the men were pilots) and a country where “the women are highly accomplished in their chosen fields, where they are educated” (India).

    I already mentioned before. NONE of the candidates of MUP seem to know how to drive! With driving comes some knowledge, therefore INSIGHT, of mechanics, agility, defensive thinking, care and depreciation of materials, and advance planning. MG Philippines should conduct an on-line seminar entitled, “MG – Phenomenal Automobiles for the Phenomenal Woman”, aka how-to-teach-a-pretty-girl-how-to-drive-stick-shift…..(even if it is already obsolete, as some old ways will endure).


    • @Flor:

      – Someone who is capable of such breadth and depth of ideas is definitely not at “entry level”.

      – Given my limited knowledge of the capabilities of MUP aspirants, I can name a few who can engage with the likes of ZT and LD in an intelligent verbal tussle, and they may not necessarily be all recipients of Latin honors from prestigious universities, nor honoris causa awardee of life’s lessons from the school of hard-knocks. I suspect there are a lot more who would later surface.

      – No one among the MUP candidates can drive a car? It’s ok—so long as they can drive us all happy!

  2. Right now , I’m just enjoying H’hen
    I was not a fan during the pageant
    I am a fan now
    She is a true Cinderella story
    Just wondering if she could be …Not that it matters

  3. Who is Mimiyuuh ?
    The Beauty and the Beast .. at the title’s lost literal meaning
    I hope to see more endorsements!
    I have been enjoying H’hen’s videos post-MU 2018. I hope Pia and Cat do the same

    • @ Fabian Reyes Mimiyuuh has a YouTube channel. My landlord’s son loves it. 🙂

      This IS an endorsement. It’s Olay.

      By now, Pia would have stashed away enough cash. She needs to start investing. Any suggests?

      • Investments ??. I guess her best investment would be her name . keep her money in the bank where it is safe … and Just stay present and gorgeous and keep all those endorsements and shows coming . .. then marry someone hot and loaded to keep her sitting pretty on her throne.
        So you are renting ? That means you are living in a big city where rent could be averaging $5k a month .i

  4. kahit gaanu pa katalino ka eloquent etcetera etcetera
    kapag ang naging syota mo ay si Sam Milby

    real talk tayo

  5. I just watched the very fruitful online conversation of Zozobini and Lara Dutta. That is the kind of smart collaboration that we should see more. Two VERY WELL SPOKEN Miss Universe winners who can discuss with EASE VARIOUS TOPICS and CONCERNS. These two are the KIND of woman that Miss Universe is LOOKING for. AND SO it is NOT so MUCH on the girl’s ADVOCACY, BUT HER ABILITY to SPEAK very WELL on different topics and COMMUNICATE EXCELLENTLY in different platforms. Lara even mentioned Demi, Catriona & Zozi as great examples (& the trend). Thus WE SHOULD FIND that kind of WOMAN as the NEXT Miss Universe Philippines.

    • @Pierro, the “ability to speak very well on different topics and communicate excellently in different platforms” is indicative of intelligence. Advocacy is the lens with which the public sees the values of a woman. Physique, intelligence and values are the three dimensions that define today’s concept of beauty. There is no universal standard of physical beauty as it is culturally-defined. But there is a universal sense of brain power from the way one articulates her ideas. Meanwhile, universal moral standards define values. That holistic beauty, I believe, is what defines the phenomenal woman.

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