5 comments on “Adelma Krissel Benicta: Literacy on Good Health and Well-Being

  1. Dear Mr Norman Could you tell her to wear her mask properly TNX!

  2. Napintas ti waterfalls…. 🙂

    Mr. Tinio, she was Saniata Ti Ilocos 2019? What year did Donna Erno win, po?

    @ Fabian Reyes Those five ladies you said were gunning for MUT 2020 were Face of Thailand contestants. Therefore models, therefore NOT MU material (as per Lu Sierra). You know who is? Khamohnporn Thogpol, Top 15/20 of MUT 2019 and dead-ringer for Nicole Guerrero. Problem is, she does not speak English. Should Fahsai teach her? Sir Blogger, does The Camp want her?

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