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  1. Wow… half Scottish-half Colombian…
    He used to play Rugby but had an injury which led him to his business career.. He’s the founder and CEO of Beautiful Destinations which I don’t understand exactly how it operates but the IG account alone has 13M followers which is more than enough for IG to pay the owner big bucks monthly… He does have great marketing skills cause his social media campaign for the brand is highly effective in blowing up their online following… Well, it did help that his half naked body pops-up on the IG feed from time to time which gives him high-paying modeling gigs and of course more followers which I think is the lifeblood of his biz… Pia and him seems to have the same mindset in their chosen careers… He’s way better than the doctor who’s burried in student’s loans and the Kart-racer who may have no other aspirations… I hope Pia get’s married soon.. let’s not waste those good batch of eggs!

    • @ Closer2Fame Seems Scot blood BEAUTIFIES.

      Catriona is Scot-‘Noy (Daniel Gray is the son of Scot immigrants to Australia, right?). Marc Nelson is Scot-‘Mese (his mother was Burmese).


    • C2f , it’s very easy to get rid off student loans if u r a doctor . U can have your employer pay it all off . Or during residency , you can make $50k a month working in the Er or Urgent Care . Trust me , I know.

      • It’s a big problem if your parents migrated to the US from Russia with nothing but the clothes on their backs, you just graduated with the most minimal resources & you are paying rent at one of the most expensive Cities in the world. 🙂 Do you think the woman you are dating who just became one of the most eligible bachelorettes in the world could wait for your career to pick-up while she’s earning literaly millions in less than a year? And if she can indeed wait, can your ego wait as well? Can you control the anxiety of losing someone while your insecurity builds up due to the fear of someone way more successful than you could easily snatch her from you? I don’t think so.. 🙂

  2. live in na nga sa new york pag andun siya

    ok naman itong si jeremy

  3. WOW. He is a stud! I love his look and his BILLBOARD for BENCH was so BIG in EDSA! i believe it was a year ago. I also read in the news that they shot that in the STATES. It is shot by famed FILIPINO supermodel turned photographer BRENT CHUA!

  4. JJ seems to be a sensible intelligent guy with a hot bod. Hope he has a good heart to make Pia happy and that they truly love each other, forever.

    • I hope he’s not using Pia for more followers like the other guy…

  5. He is not
    I hope he has money
    Pia should be wiser . She needs to marry someone who is hot loaded and responsible .. not some boy toy
    I know money is not everything . But she is MU from The Phiippines. She needs to live like a queen for the rest of her life

    • Yung mga new generation wealthy people hindi na itsura nung kapanahunan mo. #notostereotyping
      Also a woman do not need someone to have a comfortable life. Woman can make ways to have it. #womanempowerment

      • @ #silverlining You know what REAL money looks like?

        It DOESN’T look the part, AT ALL.


        They’re so loaded, they pose a security nightmare if abducted. As a result, they are extremely discreet and move incognito…

        Obviously, NOT JJ, here…. 😦

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