2 comments on “Bea Theresa Maynigo: Equal Opportunity for all Filipinos

  1. Scriptwriter police at work again. Potential issue spotted : “… (Baguio) attracts people WITH different races…”. Should have been, “…OF different races…”. 🙂

    Also, may plural form ba na “sceneries”?

    OK na sana ang video. Bigla’ng du’n sa “Adventure” part ng “B-E-A(dventure)”, towards the end, may scuba diving…. in Baguio City? The nearest plausible diving spot is Bolinao. And she did mention they have farm land there (Pangasinan). Good thing, these individual features! We saw this one grouped with others in an earlier post, but was practically obscured, as a result.

    Equality is her ADvocacy because she grew up not being favored as she did not comply with the beauty norm (or something to that effect)? Well, aren’t we mostly like that? C’mon, guys, let’s face it. Being pretty will IMMEDIATELY give you an advantage most everywhere. Should “not being beautiful enough” even be an issue? Very few, only a literal handful, will be blessed. Ganu’n talaga.

    “Taking care of one’s mental health” has become Generation Z’s catch-all euphemism for feeling scared/lonesome/confused/homesick/impatient/uneasy/discouraged/disenfranchised. Earlier generations had no such convenience. They simply “kept themselves occupied/busy”. Mr. Tinio, how exactly did the growth of the Internet spawn an entire generation of self-needy (?) kids?

  2. That’s why this girl has a very strong vibe
    I have high hopes for her
    I won’t have any problem if she wins MUP

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