3 comments on “Joecel Marie Robenta: A Nurse in Service for Others

  1. Scriptwriter police work in progress. Potential issue found : “… sun peeps the sunrise…”. 🙂

    SEXY. In that first photo (plum suits her BUT legs look edit-lengthened) and at the beach in the video.

    Mr. Tinio, taga-Antique si Evelio Javier, no?

    They speak Kinaray-a, right, po? I read an article long ago about an Antiqueno on film scholarship abroad (somewhere in Europe, I think). He resented how the economically-dominant Ilonggo’s expect Antiquenos to speak Hiligaynon but not reciprocating by making an effort at Kinaray-a.

    And, is the ENTIRE Panay Island represented? She is Antique. Christelle Abello is Aklan. Rabiyo Mateo is Iloilo. Who was the one for Capiz, again? I’m beginning to get mental block…. 😦

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