3 comments on “Carissa Rozil Quiza: No Mamanwa Children will be left behind

  1. She’s extremely raw .. from teeth to skin to styling to posture
    I can’t wait for the transformation in the next 5 months

  2. Admin, advise WordPress, ‘yung video ni Carissa on S-V agreement, du’n sa kabila ipalabas.


    The Mindanao cluster, so far, consists of Carissa Rozil (here), Mariel Joyce (previous post, from Gen San, city mate of Mdme. SSL), Alaiza, Caroline, & We’Am. I get a consistently good vibe from them.

    Herr Blogger, this Ning Sophida Kanchanarin lookalike could be sibling to Christelle Abello. I can SO imagine them having grown up together.

    This Mamanwa initiative is a CSR project ripe for the picking! MUP sponsors, what are you waiting for?

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