16 comments on “Zandra Nicole Sta. Maria: On Sustainable Living through Zero Waste Awareness

  1. Roxette Qui 2.0. She is tall and fierce. Could make the first cut.

  2. Based on the way she walks, I assume is an independent candidate . If she wants to have a better future in pageantry and modeling , I thinks she needs to join a camp .

  3. This girl is all over the place from head to toe … whether she is moving or not .
    I donot know what her agenda is for joining pageants
    I hope at least she is having fun with her journey

  4. I never like dealing with Filipino flight attendants because many of them are very snotty . I don’t know how they get away with the superior behavior .i hope she’s not one of them

  5. I like this girl’s natural beauty. Her modelesque body is a wow. Her neck is to-die-for. The thing is, she doesn’t look like a beauty queen yet. I hope there is a good samaritan out there who would voluntarily style her to a pro.

    Just an observation: hawig ni ate girl ‘yung sister in law ni Se-ri sa Crash Landing On You.

    That’s all.

  6. Zandra, sweetie dear, volcanic and seismic events are unrelated to climate. 🙂

    Mr. Tinio, si Thea Cenarosa of Iloilo (province?) ‘yung matangkad sa kabila, no?

    The only time I felt REALLY GRATEFUL to a flight attendant was back in 2002. My Zurich-HK flight was delayed by what in hindsight seemed to have been a VIP passenger who arrived at the airport a full thirty minutes after the ETD! My HK-Manila connection was just twenty minutes right after this trans-continental long-haul was to have originally touched down, so each minute of delay counted and I endured sixteen (16) hours of nerves, thinking I would never get home….

    That Swiss Air arrived fifteen minutes late in HK, and I steeled myself for the certainty that there was no way I would make the (final) Cathay Pacific with literally just a few minutes before itself took off.

    What greeted me at the exit of the Swiss Air tube was a Cathay Pacific FA, holding a piece of paper with my name written on it. She said she was to personally accompany me to the plane, and that she did as she waived us both through security checks one after another. I apologized for my delay. All she said was, “It’s not your fault”. I arrived in Manila. My baggage I awaited on the next incoming CX (not very long after). But yes. I APPRECIATE THE GESTURE, CX. TYVM. Te amo.

    • Clarification.

      I was NEITHER Business nor First Class at both flights. I did not request for any special treatment when these were booked for me. There was no reason for me to believe CX would wait for me.

      I had another “run-in” with Swiss Air on that Europe trip. But that’s another story.

      • @ Fabian Reyes No, I do not think she was. She looked Chinese.

      • Chinese Japanese and Korean flight attendants are very friendly and respectful

      • @ Fabian Reyes Which got me thinking…..

        Given the now-globalized labor market, I wonder what the chances are for a Filipina FA to be hired by Cathay Pacific. At the very least, she should be able to master Cantonese, I suppose.

        The Cathay Pacific TV advertisements in the 1970’s to the 1980’s had as their jingle/anthem, “Love’s Theme”, a most DELICIOUS piece of orchestral splendor! It is a memory that lingers in my mind, and one that resonated in 2002, thanks once more to that helpful CX FA. 🙂

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