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  1. Mr. Tinio, I apologize I was unable to stay for long on the QPP video chat. Ran out of bandwidth, here. 🙂

    Doubtless there will be (some) more such online discussions, including those on the emotional-mental toll the lock-down has taken on the pageant community-at-large.

    I just wanted to add to the whole testing thing…. I’ll place it here because my FB atm is erratic.

    It is straightforward enough for MUP. They have TMC as their official health services provider. But this mass testing might be out of reach for municipal-level pageants, and may be unnecessary burden for them. At present anyway, majority of new/pending SARS-Cov-2 cases are (still) in “melting pots/hubs” like NCR, and even then are largely restricted/confined to now-identified hot-spots. My point : require testing only for provincial/regional level pageants and above (all the way to international).

    As long as ALL participants (candidates, supporters, contractors, organizers, media) are from WITHIN the municipality therefore assuming ABSOLUTELY NO “adopted candidates” and “conteseras” from adjacent towns trying their luck, then the “Lakambini ng Muntingbayan” can proceed ONLY when Muntingbayan has no case (zero) for AT LEAST A MONTH after “(modified) GCQ” has been officially lifted. The thesis here is that the municipality as a whole can already be considered “reasonably safe” for mass gathering with some social distancing sans face masks. Kindly discuss feasibility with your pageant co-experts.

  2. Hedonist, here….. Kamundohan is ALL. 🙂

    Blogger San said so himself. He is IRRITATED whenever the connection (WIFI, in my case) falters. Likewise (and we have seen such comment before), the candidates will almost surely provide videos or images of INCONSISTENT resolution as to render a level playing field virtually impossible. In other words, a fully-online business paradigm will NOT suit judges and certainly not fans.

    ONLY means an ACTUAL pageant should happen. Besides, if I were a sponsor, I want to see everything unfold in real time and in the flesh.

    FIRST OF ALL, TEST ALL CANDIDATES AND CREW PRIOR. This might have to be done several times for the duration of the pageant as the first one – a few days before commencement of the contest – might fail to “catch the bug”, so to speak.This way, they are assured none of them are asymptomatic carriers. Definitely, we will have to wait for “modified GCQ” status, but I think this is realistic by September to October 2020. The China tradition has a term for it – “End of Heat” – which corresponds to the end of High Summer/Ghost Month and the onset of Fall. But this also happens to be typhoon/hurricane season for us, so this also must be factored in.


    MGIndonesia, for example, pushed through with it as a “hotel quarantine edition” reality show, manned by Ivan Gunawan, right? One of the contestants looked like Rachel Peters. Hope she won….

    Norman Dude, why did you bring up the contract obligation/bind thing? May issue ba among AP’s?

    @ scorg Points taken. But, just consider MG Philippines, a major sponsor of MUP. What deep emotional connection or brand value would they look for? At the very least, it can be as simple as hiring a car show girl for their next product launch (something like Steffi Aberrasturi’s case). Do adjectives like “comfort”, “fuel efficiency”, or “safety” easily translate to a beauty queen? Maybe if she knows how to drive in the first place, she can relate… But as it is, NONE of the candidates Mr. Tinio featured so far seem capable behind a steering wheel. Just driving a point home and yes, pun intended. LOLZ. Enjoy your lock down. Wherever you may be.

    • Car owners have strong feelings and emotional attachments to their vehicles. Even during the buying process, a consumer considers how a new car will reflect his personality. Some will even overspend to ensure that their new vehicle reflects their perceived self-image, boosting their confidence and ego. The love for cars is so much that they converse with them, name them, adorn them with trinkets, and involve them in some of life’s most significant and personal moments and decisions. It is no surprise that international car awards includes categories such as “Most Respected—Luxury”, Most Sex Appeal—Sports Car”, “ Most Resourceful—Sport Utility Vehicle”, “Most Athletic—Pick-up Truck”, “Most Dependable—Sedan”, Most Versatile—Crossover”, “Most Spirited—Entry Level”, etcetera. Pageantry is one platform where car brands can hit key elements in the human psyche, triggering joy, belongingness, trust, endearment, and excitement that easily resonate with target consumers.

    • Remember Toyota’s “Start Your Impossible” global marketing campaign this year? And Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan? Don’t they demonstrate emotional triggers of enduring passion and cultural leadership? Aren’t they congruent with perceptual images of phenomenal women? Marketers know this old expression by heart: “people buy emotionally, then justify logically”.

      • @ scorg Well-said!

        In my worldly parlance, “tits, tots, & tears sell”.


        Btw, I am SO entry-level, you will not believe….

        “Spirited” pala turing sa tulad ko. May sapi. A-HAHAAHH….

      • Flor, you know why people in this blog like you? You are spontaneous, candid, fun, and humble to admit mistakes and limitations. Yes, you are spirited– not because you are the White Lady of UP Diliman, but because you are the daily source of smile (and smirk?) on many commenters’ lips.

  3. The only available blueprint of a new normal in pageantry has been released recently by MUP. Obviously, it is a deconstruction of the traditional business model with more weight on the since been overlooked dimensions of beauty. I think the evolution beyond physical beauty is a business decision. The attempt to pull out pageantry from the dustbin of archaic hedonistic concepts is to attract corporate sponsors whose brands are in search of meaningful and deep emotional connection to consumers. Now more than ever, pageantry’s platform for various advocacies provides an excellent showcase of positive brand values that corporate sponsors can associate their brands with. In the only available media allowed by this restrictive circumstance, the online channels, an event without a platform for causes will hardly attract business partners who want to convey their social responsibilities to the public.

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