3 comments on “Mutya Pilipinas is still a go for 2020

  1. I wish Mutya Pilipinas the best in their foray into the brave new world of online beauty contest. The pageant community is eagerly awaiting how it will “adapt… [and]…evolve… in the digital revolution”, and how it will show that it is “still a cut above the rest”. Will it be able to upend MUP and MEP? Note that the two pageant organizations are advocacy-centric, although the former is still a work-in-progress with a clear roadmap, while the latter still “scratches the surface” of its cause with no clear blueprint. Will it be able to enlist corporate sponsors without a demand-pull from a clear advocacy? Note that the antiquated hedonistic beauty parade does not anymore attract corporate sponsorship and institutional partnership. Positive brand values do. This can only come from a pageantry brand whose essence emanates from the intellectual and virtue facets of beauty.

  2. I said before that I would like to have Ines Ligron for a boss.

    Now, I will DECLARE I would LOVE to have Fred Yuson as MY BOSS.


    ‘Yan ang bossing! Wala’ng alinlangan. Provides direction. Has FULL confidence in his/her team.

    WordPress Boss, suggest to Mr. Yuson he subcontract The Camp for all Mutya’s training needs.

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