3 comments on “Dear World: from Toni-Ann Singh

  1. I am unsure if it was “ethical/discrete” for MW channel to mention/include their competitor….

    But since they started it, I will take that to mean it’s OK to say – with the recent placements of Yendi, Kaci, and Davina, it should not be too long before Jamaica gets a Mouawad. In 5 years, max? Watch Alvin Sebetero’s recent “Countries with Most Placements at MU, BUT NO WIN”.

    And it turns out ITALY is at the Top Spot! Mr. Tinio, remind your Italy-based Filipino pageant bosses what I suggested…. And to add, ITALY MUST GET ONE CROWN EACH OF THE BIG3 WITHIN 10 to 15 YEARS.

    At 0.45, as you watch Toni-Anne Singh warble, keep in my mind the studio-mixed, “Turn Your Lights Down Low”, by Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill.

    Those palms fronting the white mansion at 1.45 are proudly Pinoy – Veitchia merrillii. Highly ornamental, they are used a lot in landscaping throughout the West Indies and at least South Florida.

  2. I love her sunny disposition and her angelic voice. In this time of crisis, the world needs someone like her whose bubbly personality uplifts our spirits. What a timely victory for this vibrant lady.

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