11 comments on “Christelle Abello: For Filipinos all over the World to give back to the Philippines

  1. She is pretty and she has the chance to win. But there seems to be a problem with her styling. Her cheeks are overly contoured. Her eyebrows are excessively filled in and defined.

  2. Girls from the Tagalog area -north and south – their tongues are too thick for the English language

    • @ Fabian Reyes How about Ilocanos, in your opinion? PLENTY of them in the USA, I think….

      And Maria Gigante, from Cebu, you said picked up a good grasp of it?

      To your question if Christelle is Filipino-American, yes, she is. It says so in the article. 🙂

  3. This girl is a lot prettier without make up on
    That means with better make up , she could even be prettier
    Pls fire your make up artist !

  4. The CAMP’s candidates , all of them look talk And move with a lot of class

  5. ‘Oh, ‘di ba? Ang SARAP niya kasamahin….

    Blogger Sir, hanapan na ‘yan ng jowa. 🙂

    Mas gusto ko naman siya kung kay Samantha Panlilio rin lang…. (in terms of Fil-Am’s in the 2020 season are concerned).

    • pang MU din naman sya. with proper styling and make up and everything magkaka chance sya. isa ito sa hinde napapansin ng mga bashers ng MUP eh. d ko lang type ung suot nya sa runway. chef dress ba tawag don? haha lol.

      • @ jed As @ Fabian Reyes observed, maganda siya sa natural (without make-up). 🙂

        I like her facial bone structure. Mukha siya’ng biracial Asian-American. Very NOW. Magaling kumilatis ang The Camp; Christelle, Alaiza, and Bella, all three photograph well. Si Christelle, puwede’ng cover ng magazine. (Also Chiara Markwalder, pero hindi siya the Camp…).

        The dress…. parang bustier na nilagyan ng strap…..

      • She is. After finishing college, Christelle she went to the Philippines to pursue work and a pageant career.

    • Lol I need a new pair of glasses
      She just did not look like A Fil Am to me at Red Carpet and Runwsy
      But pics and video above show she’s indeed a FilAm .. They just a different skin tone . Of course the smile should be a give away
      The fact that she’s prettier without make up on means she needs to have a new stylist . Cat and Pia and Megan are much prettier with make up on . It should be the case for her too

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