8 comments on “Rise Up with Lou Dominique Piczon

  1. The lady caught my eye. She looks like Janine tugunon. Mukhang taga Kazakhstan. Yung beauty na oriental nahaluan. May small similarity din dun sa miss intercontinental pataporn. Yun pataporn version 2019 ok
    If Fabian said she needs to practice walk then she should have a personal Trainor for that
    Sayang may sampal ang arrive.

    • @ bonsaihater Now that you mentioned it, I recall a comment here in the blog in the early days of the MUP pageant that the Cebu Cluster felt Manila stylists and beauticians were not doing justice to their reps.

  2. @Flor, glad you mentioned about your wish for candidates to “discuss substantive and relevant issues”. You are the pushing for periscoping the intellectual dimension of beauty. With due respects, I wish you added in your clincher “Hindi lang puro advocacy” the phrase “and physical beauty”. All aspirants talk about advocacy because it is precisely their way of presenting to the world their values, a beauty dimension very timely and important in this period when humanity is seriously threatened by an unseen enemy. That said, to rave about physical beauty, that archaic unidimensional concept, may be insensitive to most people who are suffering from financial, emotional, psychological and spiritual fallout of this pandemic.

    • Talking about advocacy and “relevant issues” showcases the aspirants’ inner beauty. Parading their physical beauty showcases their outer beauty. The latter is for pure entertainment; the former is for moral fortification.

  3. I donot like the top pic
    But girl, can she talk
    She has a very sweet feminine voice and her facial beauty is amazing
    If she delivers on Pageant night , I won’t be surprised if she wins the top crown
    Wait .. I have to look again . I’ve watched the red carpet and the runway portions . I did not notice her in either
    I will have to check them again

    • Her catwalk performance is not very impressive
      And from the red carpet presentation , I have realized she needs training on power walk and projection . And whoever dresses her up needs some education . She looks very Lousy .
      I think this is not her yr to shine

  4. ganito ung mga sure ng may placement kung sa Mutya ito sumali nung 90’s… ALTA rin ang itsura nya. ang problema lang minsan sa mga ALTA-looking eh may paghohold back cla pag nagpeperform… kumbaga sa MU eh mga European.

  5. One word to describe the Cebu Cluster. P-O-L-I-S-H-E-D. As befits their “GO GET!” island drive.

    Tracy MP is the prettiest. Apriel is the earthiest, Visayas’ answer to Mindanao’s Malinao. Piczon, with her pageant chops, is probably the most rounded, over-all.

    My fave “Beyond The Coastlines” videos are this one (Mandaue City), Cebu Province, & Taguig City.

    Mandaue City exported carved hardwood furnishings in Spanish colonial times? Cebu’s limestone interior and not-too-wet climate was favorable to the forests that provided the raw materials – narra, molave, kamagong, etc. All that is gone now. So, what does Lou do? She becomes an account executive – sales agent – for modern furniture. But I wonder how Kenneth Cobonpue manages….

    Mr. Tinio, I hope you could in the future get Amelinckx to sit down with the Cebu Cluster for an on-line discussion on Cebu’s attempts to access potable water from neighboring Bohol, something the latter resents. You see, the former’s RAPID growth depleted its aquifers, and now seawater is intruding their very foundations. NO, THIS IS NOT TROLLING. I wish to hear the candidates discuss substantive and relevant issues (to them), too. Hindi lang puro “advocacy”.

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