4 comments on “Ericka Evangelista: Mentoring Teens to Find Confidence in Pursuing their Dreams

  1. Her bubbly personality will go unnoticed by the pageant’s judges and organizers. She is also attractive. I also love her advocacy which encourages the youth to pursue their dreams, exactly what she did. I think she has what it takes to be the next MUP.

    • @ Serge “Bubbly” is…..

      Dayana Mendoza, Brooke Lee, and Alicia Machado.


  2. THIS (for me) is THE WINNING Fast Talk (interview)! Questions were answered squarely. Her bubbly optimism is very endearing. 🙂

    Looks like Lemon has now competition for the Premio Simpatico.

    She is fortunate, how her life story unfolded. A background in Business Development, education at UA&P, enrollment/acceptance at SLIM’s. Not everybody might ever be able to get to a point where an opportunity to re-explore the feasibility of one’s dreams/passions comes along. Good for her!…

    … and if Ericka Evangelista beat Francis Libiran, in another time and place, Aureo Alonzo beat Jean Paul Gaultier. But that’s another story….

    In the last photo, she somewhat looks like Aya Abesamis. MAINTAIN THAT, gurl!

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