5 comments on “A Weekend of Live Discussions on FB Live via Zoom

  1. Despite the constraints imposed by this pandemic, pageantry pulsates with life through online discussions like this. Congratulations to the forward- looking organizers who could see opportunities in threats and overcome weaknesses by focusing on strengths. There is indeed a need to explore the utilitarian raison d’etre of pageantry, so that it does not stagnate in the dustbin of archaic hedonistic concepts

  2. Not trying to sound heretic , just wondering what this on line forum can offer that Korona has not
    I mean the response to Korona has been lukewarm to put it mildly
    And yet another pageant forum online ? Don’t get me wrong . I’m looking forward to watching you on Saturday .
    I hope your mileage In the industry continues to grow with this new project

      • Sir Norman, your contribution is the perspective of an enlightened pageant specialist who has the wisdom and objectivity of his generational affiliation (Gen X or Gen Boomer?) but with the mindset, drive, and stamina of a Gen Y and Gen Z. You are one of the movers and drivers of the development of pageantry. We appreciate your tireless pursuit of your vision and mission for pageantry industry.

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