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  1. During the pandemic, I do not want to use the term “new normal” because it is never normal to me. Unless a vaccine or a drug is discovered, life is always a deviation to normal. During this time, we live a life full of irony. Those who have the money have no way to spend it. Those who do not have the money have difficult way to earn it. There is enough time on hand yet people cannot fulfill their dreams. While the covid stays in the absence of vaccine or drug, life is never the same again.

  2. No more walk-ins for my business. Just online transaction then pickup. Really I cannot take chances. It is worse than AIDS. The Wuhan Virus takes only 3 weeks if you are unlucky. Your loved ones will not be able to see you and just receive you in a form of ash.

    Resist the normal. Embrace the new normal.

    • @ Renato Fine, Sir. We are all different in how we wish to deal with this. We are united, though, by CHOICE. All the best for your enterprise.

      But I CANNOT cup my own hair. I REQUIRE someone to do that for me. Now, the way I figure, as long as we – parlorista and myself – have masks throughout, we should both come out alive.

      I might be required to get that locating APP, though…. Pati ba naman pagpunta sa banyo…? 🙂

      I do not mean to trivialize your concerns. I just thought your knife might register razor sharp to some, so I thought blunting it with some levity might make it a bit more palatable for them. And as proof of goodwill, I rated up your comment.

      Btw, thanks so much to @ ClaiRe IbbeTson for the advise to get a better pair of shears.

      • My comments weren’t meant to offend anyone or criticize other practices. What I did to my business is something that I can consider the optimum that I can do. On your part, Flor that is the optimum that you can do, too. The virus is our enemy not each other. I also have to do what I have to do because my parents are old. I need to protect them.

  3. The “millenials” are the one who were severely affected!

    By definition, those who are born in 1982 are the one considered “millenials” because they are the one who turned 18 in the year 2000!

    In 2005, these millenials are 23 years old when the SARS virus hit the world! A time wherein they just graduated from college and looking for a job!

    In 2007, these millenials turned 25 years old, must have been employed already then the Global Financial Crisis hit the world !

    Fast forward to 2020, these millenials are now 38 years old, at the peak of their career, some maybe a Manager now waiting for the next promotion then suddenly a global pandemic halt the global economy! Kahit saan ka mag-immigrate, the situation is the same!

    I belong to GenX and I was still in College during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis thus I didn’t feel the pinch!

    I agree with the concept of the NEW NORMAL as stated above except for #8! Why don’t wear belt? I got the point for wrist watch and rings because there is a possibility for contact from droplets which could possibly be transferred!

    #7 – I purchased a clipper with number 3, 6, 9 & 12 guide and I do it myself! Punieta! Marunong pala ko mag-gupit at pantay na pantay pa! After all these years, nagsasayang lang pala ko ng pera sa Barber shop!

    Lesson learned from this pandemic, save for rainy days!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson I tried trimming my own hair. With a blunt pair of scissors – all I have atm. Katab-katab. Hirap kapag sa likod… I have to twist my neck… MUST have two mirrors, facing each other. 😦

      Ang “millennials”, Gen Y, therefore?

      What is your opinion on Gen Z, the social media clade? To me, they seem to enjoy/relish the FURIOUS online activity prompted by the pandemic.

      • Madam Flora,

        Actually, I’m no longer abreast with the Gen Z because I don’t interact with them much on social media (i.e. FB, IG, etc.) although I know eto yung mga TikTok fanatics! Minsan nga sa IG at kin-click ko yung magnifying glass icon (explore icon), mga lalaking may 6 pack abs sayawan ng sayawan ang nasa feed! Nauumay ako! Kaya kahit hindi ko kilala bina-block ko para di na ulit mag-appear sa mga feed ko!

        Bili ka ng clipper sa Lazada, andame dun less than 1k peso lang ang precio para di ka na mahirapan sa hair trimming session mo! Yung nga lang, mala-Communista ang labas kasi parang standard haircut na mala North Korea ang labas! Char!

  4. Unless a vaccine is developed, produced and distributed globally, the new normal will remain. I don’t want to sound pessimistic but judging from the track record of vaccine development for other diseases, it may take years before a vaccine comes to the rescue. Drugs to mitigate the effects of the pandemic may be discovered, but they cannot substitute for the potency of vaccines. Since this disease differs from other diseases in terms of ferocity, exponential speed of transmission, 14-day transmissibilty by symptomatic people, and indefinitely long period of transmissibility by asymptomatic carriers (unless there is continuous nationwide testing). Still this does not discount the possibility of mutation, which may complicate vaccine development. This means that the new normal may stay till 2021. I hope my fears are unfounded.

    • An interesting discussion topic is: what will be the face of pageantry in the new normal? MUP trailblazes a new business model. Will this be viable? What about the others– MEP, MWP, BPCI, etc?

      • The interesting question really. Will it be relevant? Will they wear masks on stage? Will the hosts practice social distancing when interviewing? Self makeups? Bigger stage with candidates 6 ft apart? How can we discern authenticity when all contestants may compete online?

        The consolation we have is that we were able to experience the pageant live in our lifetime. I was even able to send my parents to watch at the Mall of Arena. Hahahahah!

        Really, this pandemic taught us to practice just what really matters. We don’t know how much time we have left. Show that you care to your loved ones. Be contented on what you have and on the best that you can do. Develop spirituality – our mortal selves will pass. Be frugal.

        I was remembering Catriona on her final interview in Miss World. I think if she competed this year, I think she will win the crown. In this period of darkness, we need someone “to carry a burning torch.”

      • @Renato, what should not be lost on everyone is that pageantry is a celebration of beauty. During the onslaught of this pandemic, and in its traumatic aftermath, what dimension of beauty will lend more relevance to the celebration of beauty? To the celebration of life? Is it the physical dimension for pure entertainment? Is it the intellectual dimension for educational value? Is it the character dimension for spiritual and moral uplift? The form will then follow the substance.

      • @ Norman Sir Blogger, yaman rin lang at narito tayo sa paksa ng “new normal”, you may wish to include Mutya organization’s views on this matter, too.

        I just got off the FB Live on their page; I had to bail out before my WIFI vanished for good.

        Poor Kyza Castro! She has not been back to Davao in five (5) months.

        If it is any consolation, all their 2019 queens were able to see action. Compared to MWP, which is left wanting as Multinational still seems uncertain…. And hopefully all goes well with Eco-International in Egypt come October.

        How did your online judging stint with the Pahiyas dolls go? What can YOU say/suggest?

      • The Pahiyas Parikitan of Lucban judging is now completed, Flor. It was a very simple task. And because of that, I have also been asked to judge the Flores de Kultura 2020 of Candelaria. 🙂

    • @ scorg Just for a wee bit of fun perspective, not all mutation is advantageous to the culprit. It can also change for the worse (for itself), becoming instead weaker not stronger.

      We are seeing some amount of natural selection at play, precisely because no vaccine exists. This means what will die out, will (referring to the “failed” virus variants). It, too, is taking risks.

      Correct me if I am wrong. Transmission is STILL largely by ACTUAL human-to-human contact. It is not as if the virus lingers for weeks in mid-air. Outside the human body, it seems relatively simple to contain, and in that sense is not very different form most others that specialize in the pulmonary system – influenza & rhinovirus come to mind. Is it a healthy mindset to assume every Tom, Dick, & Harry is an asymptomatic carrier? When was the last time anybody sprayed you with their spit?


      (‘Di ako galit sa ‘yo, ‘ah. Frens tayo.)

      • This “rebuttal” went into the wrong placement. It should be here.

        @Flor, as if I don’t know you. As I said in the thread below, you are very transparent– candid, playful, spontaneous, but sometimes with subtle potshots. Peace!

  5. Iba daw ang personalidad sa username. A-HAHAHAHHH….!!! 🙂

    Sorry, Dr. Gisbert. I am NOT buying ALL the points you have raised. Some of it is borderline-paranoia. But then, health precautions and hygiene are common sense; it should be habitual, pandemic or otherwise.

    Mr. Tinio, yes, hindi pa tayo nag-plat-plateau kasi ang TITIGAS ng ulo ng ilan sa atin. Ang pinakamahihirapan ay ang Health Services natin…. Wala na sila’ng pahinga…. Imagine giving the ghost up on sheer exhaustion. 😦

    If the virus refuses to read the Instruction Manual and insists on doing as it pleases, then it is being all too human itself. Now all playing out like a blind date – boundaries redefining in real time.

    As far as the other side of the backyard is concerned, I guess it is safe to assume their month’s-end Final is not going to see the light of day. MAG-APPOINT na lang si Mdme. All it will take is a Board Resolution to that effect. Anyway, they have no stakeholders (franchisees) to worry about. Besides, after more than 50 years of mounting their National, they should already have a good idea of what works and what does not. I think everything that can be done WITHIN their “commercial district” has been. The preliminary Screening would have given a fair idea of what’s between the ears…. Blogger Master, if that selection were to be done NOW, how do you see it panning out?

    • @Flor, the personality is easily seen in the language used and writing style, not so much in the username. You, for example, are very transparent– candid, playful, spontaneous, but sometimes with subtle potshots. Some are obvious social realists. Some have depth; others are very shallow but funny just the same. Some are serious while others are just plain hecklers. Some show hints of paranoid personality disorder. In other words, commenters in this blog are a marvelous hodgepodge of real personalities hiding behind the anonimity of a username.

    • @Flor, as if I don’t know you. As I said in the thread below, you are very transparent– candid, playful, spontaneous, but sometimes with subtle potshots. Peace!

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