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  1. In his time of pandemic, pageantry loses its entertainment value. When people’s primal concern is physical and economic survival, when tens of thousands die daily, and the ensuing business shutdowns ignite unprecedented widespread joblessness, to continue agonizing about beauty contestants’ body proportions, facial features, skin tones, walk, linguistic abilities, styling, and gown carriage is simply insensitive and pathetically out-of-touch with reality. When survival is the issue, aren’t moral encouragement, values education, mental and physical health promotion, and community solidarity the most urgent and important challenges facing any institution? More than ever, the world is now in need of moral leadership. It is reassuring that a Philippine pageantry institution is batting for a woman who leads to be a role model, a rallying point, and a harbinger of hope!

  2. She’s very pretty in red
    Pero kailangan talaga learn how to speak with grace and poise . Si former Ms United Continents ok naman syang magsalita . She’s from Bulacan too.
    So girl , pls get some pointers from your coaches to refine your oratory skills and movements ..
    . But stay who you are . That’s what the MUPO wants to see

  3. This talk abt humanity , dimensions , or what-have-you has been extremely boring . Beauty pageants are supposed to be primarily for entertainment . Make use of language that’s more conversational . If you want to stick to your kind of language, at least have some variation. It’s like listening to a litany over and over again .

  4. U can say whatever u want to say . Pointing out what needs improvement is not denigrating them . It is hoping that they listen and improve on it . .. so they become more successful at pageantry
    This is a beauty contest . The criteria are very clear .They come here to be judged on how they look , walk ,, and speak . If they are too sensitive abt it , then they have no business joining pageants .
    Pia takes Criticisms constructively by working hard to correct what she’s been criticized abt
    Catriona ignores criticisms because she knows she’s perfect
    Two ways of responding to criticisms resulting in success .

  5. Alluring. I think, she has a chance of grabbing the top spot from the early favorites.

  6. Luv her..Who are we to deny every girls dream to follow in Pia and Cat’s footsteps?.. Kung naging kapatid nyo sya…or somebody close to you…You should know how it feels.
    Let them spread their wings..and fly to whatever dreams they would want to dwell into!!.. In this Covid times,we should be more loving,understanding and humane to our peers..Some of us here are all but frothy blah- blah..while our girls are out in there amidst this Pandemic,trying to help our depressed countrymen handing- out goods,facemasks,food,etc….Oh Lord,bless our seemingly numb countrymen…who instead of helping uplift the mental health of their kapwa…continue to weild harsh words right-on to the faces of our Phenomenal Women..Bless them well.

    • @Viggo, I share the same sentiments. This pandemic is an existential threat to humanity, and should teach everyone in this planet the lessons of transience. We should indeed “be loving, understanding and humane to our peers” because we just do not know if we are the next in line. Each aspirant is doing her utmost best, has invested her precious time, resources, talents– her whole being– to present the best version of herself. Just like anyone of us at some juncture of our lives when we have to prove ourselves: isn’t it excruciating to be denigrated after all the hardships and sacrifices?

      • Amen to that Scorg!..Profoundly said! Ineed not say anything more.. You really said it downpat♥️

  7. Pretty and looks tall… but She does not sound queenly at all. Her Bulakena accent is very apparent . Her movements are not very graceful either .
    Nothing wrong with that … except that she is competing to be a queen. compare her to Bella Michelle and Sandra … or even Mutya who is similarly from the province.

  8. First of all, we have here an apparently trending GENERIC look. Look now at Daniella. Then, scroll back to Trizha (La Union), Faye Dominique (Quezon province), and Patricia Mae (Pampanga).

    Who’s in charge of styling and make-up at MUP? Do something about this, Dude/Gurl.

    Also, confusing…. in the video, she says she advocates for culture, history, and the arts, even mentioning the “Mother of Philippines Dances” (I’m sorry, she is “Princess-something-Aquino”?) because she says she enjoys dancing. But in the article, she speaks of dental health.

    Mr. Tinio, please tell Mdme. LARM to advise the ladies to make up their minds. In Ms. Bocaue’s case, either is OK. But she’s only 20. Surely she will decide which is more weighty….


    • I know right. And her manner of speaking is somewhat scripted when you listen to her closely. Hmm just my thoughts,due to the prevailing circumstances that we have, I hope MUPO conduct the 2020 edition as an online live streaming pageant. Panel of judges can access a secure connection to key in their scores or even bring back the composite scoring format to filter the contestants thru the segments and thru MU style Q an A elimination round (top 10 casual interview, top 5 judge’s interview). And for the final question, a 30 second-timed answer and the window disables when the time is up and also, every eliminated contestants will have their screen disabled and blocked out for each segment. Then the announcement of winners thru multi social media (online blog, YT, twitter, IG, MUPO official website).How about it ms. Flor?

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