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  1. Sayang WALA ng Ford Supermodel of the World (Philippines), Casablanca’s Look of the Year and Asia’s Next Top Model. These are the modelling tilts that are appropriate for Billie Hakenson. She and her A&Q Handlers should make up their minds on her PACKAGING. Remember April May Short? She did not win in Binibini but clinched a Top Model title when she joined Mutya Pilipinas later. Ito siguro ang dapat gawin ni Billie.

    • @ Pierro Rocco JG holds Filipinas franchise for Supermodel International (Thai-based) and has his own GLAM tilt.

      He can appoint from this roster. And it will NOT need to have anything to do with the MUP results.


      Besides, the more promising ones can eventually be absorbed into Empire/Mercator.

      Bear in mind, the modelling industry is GLOBAL now. It will not matter where in the world SHE is.

  2. Mr. Tinio, I very suddenly got a Wynonah Buot vibe from her.

    Is that good?


  3. Modelesque but she must be careful because she is joining a beauty contest not a modeling contest.

  4. the short hair works for her. but i want her to have a photoshoot wearing long wig. just for experiment. you can imagine how beautiful she is if she has long hair and glamed up. its interesting if the head can pull of both short and long hair. shes good with that hair. so how much more if its long. So for me shes a good alternate. a deserved to be a frontrunner kung pag babasehan ay ung criteria kay maxine and gazini. ang classy nya tignan. sosyal. Chi loves to work on hair but hers is still not bad. ayoko lang i style ang hair nya just like the ist photo above. mup set the criteria higher. but even if mup level up their criterias i think this girl can make it too as long as she will do her homework fit and right.

  5. I love this girl,
    She’s perfect!
    Appears Smart. No nonsense,
    Demeanor is Confident,
    I think she will be in the top 5…
    Probably will win MUP.❤️

  6. Celia Rodriguez in the making.
    I prefer long hair and a smile.

    • Lol
      Buhay pa ba Si Celia R?
      I have never seen Cavite smile . She should smile more or she’s not going to win.
      Is she part of the Aces and Queens?

      • pabyan pwede ba!!!!!! obvious naman na mas matanda ka kay Tito Norman. I researched about Celia R thru my Tita and she’s just as old as you!!!!! Baklang twwooooohhh!!! Overflowing ang pagkukunyari!!!!

    • @ miss tissa & @ Fabian Reyes In Mr. Tinio’s earlier post on her, there was, I think, a photo of Kimberley Hakenson as you wanted – smiling and with long hair. To the Blog Archives.


      Waste segregation. Pati ‘yan, hindi pa magawa. Nu’ng una, sumunod lahat, kinalaunan balik sa dati… Even if we do not classify our household trash, gagawin na rin ng mga basurero kasi ikakalakal nila for extra income. I personally prefer plastic to paper. The former now comes in biodegradable types, is less bulky, flexible, transparent, and best of all water-tight.

      What REALLY generates PLENTY of our day-to-day garbage is food and personal care/ethical products packaging – candy wrappers, tin cans, shampoo sachets, toothpaste tubes, PET bottles, etc. Europe, for one, has reverted to glass and has phased out PET bottles; to recycle the latter actually puts out more greenhouse gas than the former. The best way is to cut back on processed daily stuff. Of course, this is easier said than done…. But, for example, if you can simply have ice cream at the Delicatessen rather than purchase a tub, because that tub will end up in the can if you do not re-purpose it.

      Amateur astronomy is LOVE. The Big Dipper, Orion’s Belt, and Scorpio (the last two with prominent red stars as highlights) are visible from where I stay. Like Sol and Luna, they rise in the east and set in the west; you can actually see them move across the sky. When it’s really clear and at around 0200H – 0300H, shooting stars are an occasional treat! And that’s here in Manila. My BEST views were at beaches – in La Union and Batangas. SO MANY stars, as numberless as the sand…. At that point, it is hard to make out the patterns that define constellations.

      • @ Fabian Reyes Only the first paragraph is useful. Fret not. Talaga’ng mahirap maabot ang mga tala. Kaya, sinasayaw na lang natin….. Like Sarah Geronimo. 🙂

  7. Certainly one of the top contenders
    Her diction is really good as evidenced by her Beyond the Coast presentation
    But her grammar is all over the place .

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