9 comments on “Koronas with Shamcey Supsup Lee

  1. “Thank you for that ano”… typical Filipino line pag nagpapanggap na sosyal. Yuck!

  2. I can’t wait to watch the quartet
    I just don’t know if I will be interested in a SA delegation
    I want local pageant talk , sorry

  3. Werner Wessels, in a SashesandScripts (?) article, said he has offered his program to Filipinas.

    I was unable to listen to the interview. Did he actually train a Filipina, yet?

    I think it will be nice if MI, on their next outside-Japan edition, can bring the pageant to Africa. If so, Bessana should be the contact person to arrange the sending to and training of our rep with WW, FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR. Japanese are important economic aid contributors here, and at the very least Rebetswe Sechoaro and Evelyn Namatovu will be available to show the delegates around (the latter on a Kenya romp, with @ scorg as lone accredited media for Philippines). Normannorman.com will be Correspondent-At-Large.

    HUWAG NA HUWAG KALILIMUTAN ANG PASALUBONG, Herr Blogger. Tig-isa kami dito’ng commentator mo na ngipin ng Nile crocodile (to ward off misfortune). FIND A WAY… ‘yung akin, kahit maliit lang. Kahit pudpud na…. basta galing sa ‘yo.


  4. I like these guys . They are very articulate .
    However , the hair flipping , the raising eyebrows and the wrist/elbow flinging , are they necessary?
    There’s also a few blind items they need to address …..like who lost a tooth in the middle of a pageant ???

  5. Ano bag yan. JawsKuhkuh Martin😊
    Post ko na agad Yung naobserve ko umpisa pa lang kumuda Ang mga vecklah hihihi. Kasi kapag pinagsamasama mo Ang mga faces nila at Ang mga boses, Ang resulta ay c Madam Claudia hihihi😆kaloka divah.
    Sa first minute lang ako nanood dahil di Naman ako interesado sa pag-uusapan nila dahil di Naman ako lokaloka hihihi😊cherette… Bye!

    • Try to watch them again .
      Once you get where they are going , u will enjoy watching them . Two hours is not too long if you do your online job while listening to them .I don’t know if that’s how they talk behind the camera … but they actually sound natural like how you see them discuss a topic in class.

  6. I got to know more about Shamcey after watching Korona . Her journey to pageantry is amazing. It is so inspiring that she was once a reluctant Binibining pilipinas candidate and now she is holding the highest position of one of the most prestigious beauty pageant organizations of the country.

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