11 comments on “Ivanna Kamil Pacis: Yes to Suicide Prevention Awareness! Yes to Mental Health Awareness!

  1. @Flor , those who are bent on killing themselves no matter what other people say ? They have already committed suicide before any one knows they are suicidal . They won’t give u a chance to change their minds
    For many cases , suicide can be prevented through meds and counseling … letting them see their circumstances from a more positive point of view . I have talked to a few suicide. From experience , a lot of them seem responsive to pep talk .
    Drugs and alcohol are a different story . Sometimes It’s hard to tell whether it’s suicide or not .. like in the case of Whitney Houston

    • Whitney died due to drowning. Toxicology results showed substantial amount of cocaine in her blood. Cocaine was also seen in her bathroom. She had cocaine addiction. Cocaine overdose can cause seizure, stroke, and elevated blood pressure. Perhaps, she suffered from any or combination of these symptoms before she drowned in her bathtub.

      • @ serge This reminds me of Courtney Love’s character in “The People Vs. Larry Flynt”, one of my favorite films…. how a lawyer defends a pornographer, a robust discussion on social liberties.


        Mr. Tinio, Woody Harrelson is another highly-skilled male thespian from the USA.

  2. How do you prevent someone from taking their own life? I heard that suicidal persons are no longer in a proper frame of mind. They could leave hints of their impending “departure”, but I doubt talking to them would make them change their minds, as after all theirs is really made up. If successful in being able to thwart their attempt to do so, they will try again in the future and will finally succeed just as others think they are already “healed”. Put them in a straight-jacket so they don’t do anything silly? Or, a hardened criminal like a suicide bomber, who intentionally wants to be hated?

    Isn’t an insanity plea a convenient way to get a lighter penalty in court, too?

    A person who is not in her/his right mind is unable to choose properly. Therefore, if you attempt suicide, do you qualify as a potential-future criminal? Are you “put out to pasture”? Mr. Tinio, po?

    • Science has proven that chemical imbalance in the brain increases the risk for depression. Depression could lead to suicide. Drug and psychosocial therapy in the form of counselling are the best forms of treatment. Counselling is done to the patient, her family, her friends, as well as significant others. Person who has suicidal tendency has, in anyway, no criminal tendency. They are at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

      • Sorry for unintenionally using the pronoun “her”. I am not being biased to women. Just a Typographical error. “His/her” should be the correct words.

    • I understand that individuals with suicidal tendencies are not entirely irreparable. There are those who may simply need a strong support system to re-channel their thoughts. Now if the suicidal person is laced with drugs and alcohol, then that would be an entirely different story.

      • @ Norman Thank you for the discussion.

        I hope you could also post on some “developments” (rumored movements?) – MU will be mid-2021 and Vietnam to possibly host a second time. Multiple sources have disseminated (not just one).

        (Would this dash Atty. M.’s hopes?)

        ME has adjusted to July….

        Are there other factors at play in these other than the SARS-Cov-2?

      • I have heard about Vietnam. Will look into it. But won’t blog for now until something clearer comes up.

    • I just want to emphasize also that although it has an underlying organic cause(chemical imbalance in the brain), it is also triggered by sad events and circumstances affecting the individual. Anti- depressant is the mainstay of treatment, family and social supports strongly augment the therapy.

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