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  2. Now she is my MUP 2020! She’s beautiful, oriental, and articulate. Her background is timely during this pandemic and she never once stopped during the quarantine! That includes posting facts and destroying myths regarding the virus, urging people to cooperate with medical professionals, and everything else already stated on tito N’s article. This girl is serious about her advocacy.

  3. Girl , health is a responsibility too . You have to eat right and exercise to be healthy .
    And let me tell you , med students spend up to 20h daily to study and their parents probably she’ll out ~~500k a year …Do U think it’s right for your neighborS to call u in the middle of the night for free while they Charge you tons for their fruits and vegetables ? Where is justice in that ?
    So pls do not take it upon yourself to do this undertaking . Let the rich people pay and have the govt handle the rest . U r not Superwoman . You are not even a queen yet

      • Atching Nopita, exactly . She is talking about health as a right . And I am talking about health as a responsibility too .

    • In addition to that, with universal health care law, health services are now free for everybody. This is justifiable if a disease is beyond the patient’s control. How about if one is hospitalized due to injuries sustained from vehicular accident Due to reckless driving or driving under the influence of liquor, does he/she deserves free hospitalization then?

  4. Good credentials. Average oratory skills. Pretty naman kaya pasok ito sa Top 20 ng MUP for sure. Chweh!

  5. I agree. “Forced” ang lahat ng advocacies ,just to have one. You can feel it’s not coming from the heart. Kumbaga sa classroom project, “Basta may ipasa lang” Nagkakaiba lang sa presentation, editing, cinematography and the like…but I like this girl ha! Mamahalin tignan!😊

  6. Those who are cynical about the capability of our MUP aspirants to mount their advocacies seem to deny today’s reality that these are the Gen Ys and the Gen Zs who because of mobility, multiple realities and social networks, are more ambitious, globalist, questioning, but “dialoguer” than the other generations. A recent survey of 18,000 professionals and students from 19 countries conducted by the INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, Universum, and the HEAD Foundation found that across the globe, becoming a leader was important to 61% of Gen Y, 61% of Gen Z, and 57% of Gen X respondents. Men and women’s leadership preferences also differed across generational cohorts. For Gen Y and Gen Z professionals, 63% of male and 61% of female respondents said becoming a leader was important to them, as opposed to Gen X’s 63% of men and 52% of women.

    • If I may add, Gen Y and Z consumers, which now account for 41% of global population, increasingly expect brands to “take a stand”, declared McKinsey, a world-renowned marketing research firm. Gen Z consumers in particular, are mostly well educated about brands and the realities behind them. When they are not, they know how to access information and develop a point of view quickly. In a transparent world, younger consumers don’t distinguish between the ethics of a brand, the company that owns it, and its network of partners and suppliers. These consumer groups will definitely not cringe, but rather delight, watching these pageantry brand advocates “walk the talk” about their causes.

  7. I am alarmed at the emphasis given to advocacies . I mean these girls are 18 to 27 who barely have careers of their own . Why not let them win first so they can represent the organization ‘s advocacies . Does anyone believe these girls are capable of creating a ripple in the sea of humanity ? I won’t be surprised if some fans cringe watching these ‘Super Girls’.
    Enough of the hypocrisy

    • Don’t get me wrong
      These girls all seem very kind and well-intentioned
      They do not have the catty attitude that many pageant girls here in the US have

    • This is the right time to involve these girls in civic activities. For me, this not hypocrisy, it is about training them while they are still young.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Agree.

      When MUP started sans SARS-Cov-2, tourism was a thrust. Now, MUPO mentions different things, like providing assistance to OFW’s and (private) school teachers economically displaced by the pandemic.

      So far, NONE of the presented individual advocacy dovetail (easily) with the organization’s. And with emphasis on mental health and education, seem indistinct one from the other, overlapping, and so feel insincere.

      Parang, kahit ano na lang basta relevant at for a worthy/good cause, basta masabi’ng mayroon…

      Mr. Tinio, could you ask Mdme. LARM again how she intends to implement her part in the “Way Forward” Manifesto? She’s the one in charge of advocacy, right? Will MUPO finance the winner’s chosen beneficiary, like what MW’s “BWAP” program does (for example, the UP-PGH)?

      • @Flor, MUP is an open-ended platform. That means it is open to any cause-oriented project of any aspirant.

  8. Another pageant newbie worth watching out for her beautiful transformation in a few months! This top student doctor’s advocacy radiates significantly in this time of pandemic– equitable access to healthcare because it is a right, not a privilege. Evidently, this timely and relevant cause has a universal appeal, especially to corporate sponsors whose brands are in search of a deep and meaningful emotional attachment to their consumers.

    • Why is advocacy important in any beauty contest? Because this is the only lens with which we can see through an aspirant’s inner beauty. Photographs, videos and personal appearances showcase a candidate’s’ outer physical beauty. Live interviews reveal a candidate’s intellectual capacity. Advocacy and leadership in community causes impart a candidate’s inner beauty as they unveil one’s values. These three dimensions—physical, intellectual and values—make for the modern concept of beauty

      • Norman, I am just trying to articulate what I see is reason why you painstakingly highlight each and every candidate’s advocacy in your blogs. I see this as your way of showcasing the aspirants’ values.

      • I really appreciate your views, scorg. Truthfully, it is not easy tracking down all the ladies because some of them have sworn off social media and connectivity during ECQ. A few have nothing much to share so I skipped on them. But majority are really very cooperative and waiting for a channel by which they can share. During FB live chats on other sites, they answer questions from viewers mostly and they end up not being able to fully expound on what their causes are.

    • Why is advocacy the pageantry’s magnet for corporate sponsorship? Branding is the most powerful route to a company’s sales growth as brands provide a strong and enduring emotional connection to buyers. In this digital age, partnering with events and economic endeavors whose image and social significance can add positive values to its brand essence is a strategic corporate move in a market that increasingly searches for meaning, connection and greater participation.

  9. Very Japanese, her beauty.

    I’ll bet one of the three guys in PPE is her BF. Her brother looks cute. 🙂

    Buti naman may participation ang LGU ng Calapan City; Hon. Mayor Hemerlito Dolor will contribute to her wardrobe (?). THIS is the kind of candidate you want to win because her victory will be SURE MOTIVATION and RECOGNITION for the municipality, as opposed to “yet-another-supposedly-town/city/province-involved/invested-but-only-after-the-sash” candidate.

    Mr. Tinio, I suggest you begin revealing, too, who the respective AP’s are. Get Mdme. SSL’s nod.

    She gives the same vibe as Marie Que, the former Miss Chinatown Philippines whom I was hoping would join MUP.

    I LIKEY ADEE A LOTSA! JG, MAKE A BOLD STATEMENT AND PUT HER IN YOUR TOP5. All this endless argument on a handful of perceived front-runners has begun to sound stale and feel tiresome.

    Marami’ng salamat kay Hagonoy-Alabang Blogger, unti-unti na’ng nabubuo ang aking Top 10.

    …. Naiirita na ako sa ECQ. Since it began last March 15, I have gone out NOT ONCE. 😦

  10. She’s very pretty . But she’s not tall enough and comm skills are limited based on her interview. She also needs to work out and improve her posture .
    I’m not ruling her out because of the facial beauty

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