7 comments on “Maricres Castro bats for stronger Adoption Systems for Abandoned Children

  1. Siya ung laging ginagawang MUSE sa school tapos madalas manalo kasi mahaba ung buhok, maganda posture, tapos magaling sumagot kc laging kasali sa honor roll sa classroom.

    Rachelle Anne Go ang itsura nya… mukha rin cyang talented.

  2. Why MUP 2020 has so many fillers? She’s not going to win the crown, I tell you. Not even a runner up spot. Chweh!

    • @ VINA YU Fillers…..

      Kasi nga, nagpa-franchise sila. Of course, you DON’T embarrass the AP’s by rejecting whomever they send or is assigned to them. Bear in mind a good number of the AP’s are managers/handlers themselves.

      ‘Eto ang kaigihan ng casting – such as what happens at the BBP Screening. The organization can cherry pick from hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants.

      Maricres Castro reminds me of Trish Bantigue, the Fil-American who was among the first to file for candidacy but backed out for lack of residency.

      Mr. Tinio, I suggest you advise MUPO to conduct a Fan Poll for Best Advocacy. Prize money to go to the winning beneficiary. This can be a great way to put the spotlight on those causes that may deserve more attention, or obscured by more popular/conventional ones.

  3. Pretty and cute .. .. but she is no beauty queen
    She needs to concentrate on her profession and work hard so she and her kids won’t be homeless.

    • Haha! Chaka noh? Walang dating lotlot kahit Miss Globe unplaced.

  4. Her advocacy reminds me of Charlotte Aryanna, 1993 Miss Teen USA, who spent most of her life in foster homes, went on to win the the crown. She eventually used the platform to be a spokeperson for foster children.

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