6 comments on “Happy Birthday, Shamcey Supsup-Lee!

  1. Dear Mrs Lee, Happy birthday!
    P.S. N f feel ko ang pressure hanggang dito s amin!!! Hehe 😊

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon Order ka ng damit du’n sa online business nila’ng mag-asawa.

      Pampa-lessen ng pressures….


  2. Her leadership and her commitment and determination to push through the MUP pageant despite the odds make her an empowered woman. She truly exemplifies the MUP slogan, harbinger of hope, rallying point, role model, and phenomenal woman. Happy birthday to this amazing woman. May her tribe increases.

  3. After watching her on Korona , I had a total change of heart . She’s not as snotty as I thought she was

  4. Happy birthday Shamcey, the architect of the deconstructed and reengineered pageantry business model that will thrive after the pandemic.

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