12 comments on “Faye Dominique Deveza: Standing up for Animal Rights and against Animal Cruelty

  1. Lets be honest here, malayong makuha niya ang korona o makarunner up spot man lang. Chweh!

  2. Nose too big for pageants
    Bottom pic is able to hide it. ..but will she be able to hide it in person?
    I know people say it’s too shallow
    But it’s a beauty pageant so we want symmetry and beauty … like we are looking or the fastest athlete at Olympics .

  3. her advocacy is okay. remember pia’s famous Q&A final words. Confidently beautiful with a heart which is MU original theme. so angkop pa din sa sinalihan nyang pageant. even in ME pwedeng pwede and i think even in Miss International or even miss world can appreciate her advocacy kahit ano naman pwede. as long as kaya mo kumain ng micropono just to defend your advocacy.
    medyo nakaka bored na. atat na sa pageant. wala pa ba announcement bbp on how they will push their pageant this year? but i think they will set their coronation night more early than MUP. but hopefully system with more security. no live audiences. pay per view system. tangalin na muna nila ang sponsor visits. parade of beauties. and other unnecessary events. ok lang kung mag talent pa sila. Jag denim fashion show. natcos. yan lang dapat. For photoshoots. be creative nalang kahit sa hotel or sa pools ok na yan. no need to fly.

  4. I think it is inappropriate that her advocacy is against animal cruelty and yet her family is earning a living by selling animals. It seems ironic.

    • Her advocacy against animal cruelty is indeed ironic and convoluted. She is actually a speciesist, like most of us are. Our compassion is selective. We are only compassionate to certain animals – the ones we called pets; but we continue to eat some animals – the ones we called foods. Speciesism is no different from racism and sexism. She better change her advocacy to “Pet Rights”. How can you say you fight for animal rights when you just don’t eat some of them, but earn an income in breeding them to be butchered for food. There is no such thing as humane in livestock.

  5. Dito ko na icomment Yung Kay Aya Kaayaaya😊
    Divah vagay sa kagandahan nya Ang name na vinigay ko🍹
    Yan lang Ang comment ko Kasi po vakah ibitin ako Ng patiwarik Ng no. 1 nyang c Fabian Reyes kapag magsabi ako Ng totoo at masasaktan ko Ang damdamin ni Tita D. Verdadero🥰
    Anyway, nagcomment talaga ako dito para may laman naman Ang comment section ni very beautiful Miss Nikki 😊hihihi cherette 😆
    Happy Fiesta sa mga taga Bojol na bol-anon hihihi. JawsKuh Kung puede lang iprito c COVID para ihanda sa Fiesta Ng matapos na Ang Quarantine 😆
    Dafat funo na Ng comment c Miss Nikki Ganda dahil ECQ, GCQ at #shutdownABSCBend na divah mga friends hihihi at nasaan na Yung mga comments dito Ng 11milyon na employees daw na pinagsasabeh ni Gandarang Maria Filipina Ressa hihihi kalokah talaga Ang BFF ni Madam Mocha 🌟

  6. Hmmmm… I feel there are just so many fillers in this pageant. Maybe because there is only one crown at stake but I see only six or perhaps even seven girls in this MUP batch that would’ve made the cut as a regular Binibining Pilipinas candidate (in the past). Now that MUP is separate from Binibining, the two pageants split the “frontrunners” and now you’re left with less in either one.

  7. She should take her advocacy to Vietnam.

    I have seen on FB HORRIFIC videos (courtesy of my frens) of either obvious cruelty or utter indifference and neglect. Owners there apparently have no understanding why animals behave the way they do. Totally irresponsible!


    • Saan ang Laban? Ahaha! Bantayan mo maigi baka mabitawan niya yung manok!

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