4 comments on “Patricia Mae Santos: Adventures of a Transporter, her books and an Army of Soldiers

  1. OMG I can’t even finish watching that video interview. She needs to learn what to do with her hands when being interviewed. They way she keeps flaring her hands out like she is either conducting an orchestra or swimming underwater is driving nuts and making me dizzy at the same time.

  2. She’s never going to win any national or international pageant . But it’s not end all for her . She can use her pageant experience to do better in her chosen field .

  3. That Pageant Trend interview was an earful. Mr. Tinio, pakisabi du’n sa correspondent, may pangalan ‘yung kandidata – Patricia. Hindi “gurl”. How amateurish-baklaan. 😦

    I wonder how I would handle a question like that – what kind of question annoys you. LOLZ. The question itself does. But she addressed it as diplomatically as she could. 🙂

    Kung ganya’ng titles ba naman ng mga libro’ng ipahihiram sa mga front-liners – The Karma Handbook, Action! Woman!, Win Now, Win Later, Sales Power, Management Wisdom, What Makes A Leader, etc. – duguin ako. Parang ayaw ko’ng maging front-liner sa Pampanga tuloy….

    I would, too, take work on holidays. ‘Di ba “holiday pay”, ‘yun? Rather than be stuck at home feeling bored-lonesome, or awful having to put up with relatives you don’t really like…

    For me, the ENDURING image of Pampanga is the splendid isolation of Arayat in the VAST plains. By late November, you are treated to the sight of birds that have come in from China to escape the Winter chill (NO, this is NOT about Avian Influenza!), alighting on water buffalo charged with the task-burden of plowing the fields for yet another rice crop. At sunset, all that bathed in WARM orange light, UTTER MAGIC unfolds.

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