8 comments on “Isabela and Hannah: Soul Sisters

  1. SOBRANG PANGIT ni GALERIA. TO HER HANDLERS, PLEASE DO NOT RELEASE PICTURES THAT ARE MEANT for FASHION MAGAZINES or for her MODELING PORTFOLIO. REMEMBER SHE is a CANDIDATE for Miss Universe Philippines and not a competitor in ANTM. Mahihirapan SIYANG MANALO sa MUP dahil aside from MAHINA na ang COMM SKILLS, MASYADONG EXOTIC/EDGY ang kanyang FACIAL FEATURES which are more appropriate for modeling tilts. MAS MABUTI PA NA SUMALI SIYA sa MUTYA Pilipinas ni CORY QUIRINO because she OFFERS TWO TOP MODEL titles.

    HANNAH ARNOLD is this year’s Bb. Pilipinas-International titleholder.

  2. Hindi talaga bagay dyan kay Isabella mga updo hairstyles na nakalabas tainga niya. Distracting. Masyado kasing malalaki. Chweh!

  3. Mr. Tinio, I think you might have missed giving the design credits for the dresses. 🙂

    I wish to add to @ Sunny’s observation (below)…. We see in the first photo Hannah’s narrow shoulders – “caja” – compared to MarBel beside her…. does that ribbon do justice to her wide hips, because if it is, then we don’t get as much of her “pear”-ish body form.

    MarBel is PMAP; Marina Benipayo confirmed it. Is Hannah also? And, Boss Blogger, what’s the plan with Pojas, one of the very first you featured for the 2020 pageant season? She’s 23, right? Well, that’s old by modelling standards. Definitely, pageantry is next. Will The Camp take her in?

    • I’m still waiting for the credits from Isabela. As for Pojas, the girl is still undecided, I reckon.

  4. Wow kaloka ang editing, yung arms na dagdahan ng 10 inches



  5. Pics kinda nauseating . Girls look like they’ve just got out of their coffin . Not a fan of this pictorial .
    B/w the 2, I would go with Hanna who is a classic beauty . Galleria looks like every other Pinoy .

    • Do you hear yourself?

      We get that your taste is Eurocentric.

      You are free to express your opinion.

      We are also free to let you know that your opinion is cringe.

  6. Wow, Isabela Galeria looks like an exotic brown Asian version of Angelina Jolie… I’d pin those ears though if she realy prefers the beauty pageant route… BUT as a model, thats the kind of weirdly gorgeous look that turn heads in any country..

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