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  1. MU Org. tried to make a statement by crowning three black women, but pageant fans saw it as a forced black agenda, hence the lack of interest of pageant fans towards these women regardless of how well-spoken they are.

    • @ Raf Is that lack of interest more from non-American fans?

      If so, then no problem. WME-IMG MUST FIRST establish financial soundness and viability WITHIN America.

      The rest of us can eventually be appeased. All they have to do is not repeat this for a VERY long time. They know we have no choice. We will always only ever support MU. Their brand is safe with us. It is the USA market they NEED to guarantee.

      Ayaw naman ‘yata nila ng foreign investors to bail them out…. ‘Eh, ‘di, siya. ‘K, fine.


      Mr. Tinio, I just watched Pageant Portal’s compilation of the Top 10 Swim, Evening Dress, and Question Round semifinal scores, at least when scores were shown….

      Here are my suggestions to MUPO.

      1) Mr. Albert Andrada, NO fishtail hemlines and asymmetric shoulder/sleeve designs!, 2) YES to WHITE (everything)!, and 3) Tell Mario Garcia to get a toothpaste/mouthwash/dental floss sponsor to give out the Best Smile Citation. 🙂

  2. The post drew scant comments from the usually MU-crazy fans. The low interest is disconcerting because the three queens are eloquent speakers with brilliant ideas. Has the pandemic triggered an MU-fatigue? Is the low interest due to the incongruity of the reigning queens’ beauty archetype to the pervasive Filipino preference for the white western beauty stereotype? Is the indifference due to the format and content of what MU offers—an online casual chat with reigning queens– which may be “tone deaf” to the current emotional, financial and physical challenges faced by pageant fans? I hope this listlessness of the Filipino fans is not reflective of the global disinterest at MU.

    • The US$25.00 entry fee could also be a turn off for most. While not an exorbitant amount under the old normal circumstances, it is now.

      • Exactly. To an ordinary Filipino pageant fan, it is around P1,250 entry fee, an amount not worth the value of a short online chat with the reigning queens, especially in this time of financial difficulties. What the MUO should have done was look for corporate sponsors whose brands are in search of a powerful and meaningful emotional connections to millions of consumers worldwide. I’m sure there are many of them, especially in this time of lockdowns, who want to reach out to people and be counted in this fight against the pandemic by leveraging on the internet technology, the only currently available means of communication between peoples. That way, they could have broadcast their online event free of charge to worldwide audiences, with perhaps panelists selected from various countries.

  3. Only Kaliegh Garris, I find interesting, really….

    Had there been no pandemic, it would have been nice for MUP to have her over….

    Guys, to help Endeavor survive financially, we must give GREAT following to their USA brands, both Ms. and Ms.Teen. These two will help to improve viability of pageantry in their home front. When I was young, MUSA was also shown in local television here in Philippines.

  4. Maraming women of colour ang masasabi kong maganda talaga pero hindi talaga itong si Zozi. Hindi sila naghuhuli ni Karen I. Maputi lang yung isa. Chweh!

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