23 comments on “Paula M. Ortega: From Medlab to Nursing to Universal Healthcare

  1. We could have the winner here. Paula is showing her beauty and strength everyday. Goodluck pretty Paula!

  2. Ms. Claire, the Philhealth law withholding 3-5% of the salaries of OFWs is not healthcare but HealthBURDEN. They want to make it compulsary on OFWs, many of whom have to literally work their a**es off to send money to their families in the Phil, plus pay their dues, so they hardly come home to avail of any health or medical services. The government should stop living off on OFWs who already contribute enough sending foreign revenues and sacrifice being away from family and home.

    • Blame Rissa Hontiveros and the admin who apointed her who stole Billions worth of Philealth funds.

  3. If “Universal Healthcare” is her advocacy, she needs to be ready for the pertinent issues associated with it, like the recently passed Memorandum obliging OFW to pay 5% of their salary as Insurance Premium for PhilHealth!

  4. Sweet, smart, tall and beautiful… She has it all to be the nect MUP!

  5. While i have no idea who among the Filipinas candidates in all national pageants this year who can speak spanish. Paula is my choice for RHA. i will never question her why join MUP because everyone deserved to join in any pageant they want. so my question is why not MWP? or why not MWP first? everyone sees her potential in mwp especially in RHA. but well. her ate joined bbp first and joined mwp for the 2nd time. i guess she will do the same. but maybe bbp for the second time? not bad. but hopefully mwp2021. i really want someone like her to be Miss Filipinas in RHA.

    • @ jed It will be interesting to see how the Hispanic community will react to a Miss Filipinas who can (finally) speak Spanish. 🙂

      • Madam Flora,

        Rewind 1973, one of the judges for the Miss Universe pageant was a Spanish bullfighter, Manuel Benitez Perez (aka El Cordobes) who was astonished that a Filipina converses in Spanish!

        Of course, during that time, Spanish is part of the High School Curriculum for Filipino students. And if you are going to watch the 1989 Binibing Pilipinas pageant, Randy Santiago interviewed Sarah Jane Paez partially in Spanish and the audience understand the language without any translation!

  6. Miss World Philippines 2021: Bella Ismael
    Reina HispanoAmericana Filipinas 2021: Paula Ortega

  7. She’s one of the promising candidates of this year’s Miss Universe Philippines!

  8. Paula really is down-to-earth. Strong and passionate too. I’ve always enjoyed our times together. Never a dull moment with her! ❤

  9. She SHOULD JOIN Miss WORLD Philippines EITHER this year (if it still permits) or NEXT year. She can be an excellent representative to the Reina Hispano-Americana.

  10. Truly an intelligent and driven queen!! Absolutely gorgeous as well. I see big things ahead for Ms Albay!

  11. Ortega is one of the “Tres Torres” of MUP, the other two being Gumabao and Malinao – #ORGUMA. If this were still the BBP of yore, I would assign as BBP-World Michelle, BBP-Universe Paola, & BBP-International Alaiza. TATANGKAD, no? 🙂

    Speaking of…..

    Guys, buntis si Bunga (Jelitha)! Happily announced on social media by the obviously ecstatic pair.

    Paola, imo, will hit it off with Bella and Pauline. EmpirePH should market them as a hosting trio…

    Blogger San, make a collage of Albay queens photographed against the volcano. Let’s see who among them the Magayon Nymph revealed herself to (clouds lifted), a sign of blessing bestowed.

  12. I love her pleasant personality, drive to improve and strong potential to be an International Winner!
    I see great things for her in the future…

    Some abs, legs and butt toning..
    invisalign to fix her mild crossbite…
    More Q&A and pasarella trainning…
    A healthy beer marinated tan…
    More social-media pressence…
    Better eyes & lips make-up..
    Level-up the advocacy…

    She could be our next…
    Reina Hispano-Americana!

  13. Thank you @Norman for featuring Paula and her video in Albay. Truly, beneath that beautiful face and statuesque figure is a very big, generous heart. Moreover, I agree with her totally -universal healthcare (basic or emergency life/death assistance, at the very least) should be among the essential public systems implemented in a country, just as universal education is. And it should not remain in paper and intentions, but should be truly implemented. Keep it up Paula!!

    • It’s only now that docs are making money
      Back In the day , neighbors would go to the doctor expecting free service but charge him for their farm products .
      I believe this is one of the biggest ‘injustices ‘ in the world . The capable should pay them and the govt should pay on behalf of the poor ones.
      Don’t saddle it on the docs.

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