4 comments on “Jan Alexis Elcano: Power to the Indigenous People of Batanes

  1. Welcome to the Top 20…Batanes, Alexis Elcano! Congratulations dear!

  2. Kahawig ni…. Siera Bearchell. (Eeh-hehehh…). 🙂

    Kanino’ng cell-site ‘yung nasa video?

    Batanes and the Ivatans are fortunate. They have legislation tailored for them. And though they have become a tourist trap of sorts, they know the value of restraint.

    Mr. Tinio, are the Elcano’s allied with the Abad’s, politically?

    These islands are REALLY interesting for knowledge buffs. Do PLENTY of research so that when you (finally) get there, you can FULLY APPRECIATE whatever you are experiencing.

  3. Facially beautiful and posture is ok … l but she needs to wrk on her body An MUp should be fit

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