21 comments on “Skelly Ivy Florida: Embracing one’s uniqueness with the Ambassadress of Inclusive Education

  1. Sa dating palang winner na. She really shines. She is the type that judges would want to win. Sunshine personified.

    Sorry to tell but I think she is more suited for Miss World! Heheh.

  2. Very pretty. I wish her the best.

    On a side note, I noticed that the people in the picture are not practising social distancing.

    • @ aj In the first photos, they are front-liners. What is your opinion of front-liners themselves not required to maintain that physical separation?

      The photos of her with the kids were taken long before the lock-down/quarantine.


  3. Talagang birds of the same feather, flocks together!

    Sanggang-dikit yang si Mary Giant and yung “pseudo-Pinay” na Miss Grand Mamang! Magkasama palagi sa mga viaje kaya parejo ugali! Eh di ngayon, bartolina ang bilat! Mukhang utog na utog na sa kanyang Popsicle! Mukhang mahilig sa foreigner! Diba’t may nag-comment dito before na Australian na na-meet niya sa isang dating site!

    Anyway, engage na si Laura Lehman sa kanyang PBA BF!

    And mukhang daming time ni Pia pagsagot ng comments sa instagram ng mga “Urban Legend” sa BP! About the magic of Miriam Quiambao earrings, the white gown (first time, I heard), Madam SMA clap as a sign of annointed one, etc.!

    Quarantine life nga naman!

    • In Mary Giant’s case, as the saying goes – the bigger you are, the harder you fall. She fell hard into prison for violating ECQ protocols.

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Mars, sana ikaw, palakpakan din ni Mdme. SMA.


      You like Japan?

  4. This girl is not ready for prime time
    Too provincial
    She needs a lot of work
    I’d be surprised if she makes the first cut
    If u want black , there is Apriel who has an amazing form

    • Diction is not that bad
      Just facially inferior to the top tier

  5. Another contender to watch out for her beautiful transformation in a few months! Her advocacy reflects how she values inclusiveness and education, having experienced herself bullying in school, and marginalization in social circles, because she looked different from the rest. This advocacy has a universal appeal– especially to corporate sponsors whose brands are in search of a meaningful emotional connections to their consumers.

  6. She looks the PI-West Papua type. I mean that in a good way.

    MARAMI’ng stunners sa inaugural MUP, kaya lang on the petite side, herself included. Kung sa bagay, I think it is ONLY MU where petite candidates have a real chance…

    I am getting high forehead “umay”…. Could we see her with bangs, for a change? Kahit wig…. 🙂

  7. One of the freshest faces in the competition.
    Give her another year or two of training & life experiences and she’ll be a top contender for a Ms. Universe crown should she wear the Philippine sash.

  8. She looks like a black Catriona
    Don’t get me wrong …She is way too far down on my list …maybe in the last 10 candidates

  9. Mas maganda siya kaysa dun sa attitude na si Apriel. Kahit dun sa kapwa niyang bisdak na nahuli recently sa Moalboal dahil sa paglabag sa ECQ. Chweh!


    • Is Maria already 26 ? Bakit bawal ang alak during ECQ? Duterte is getting too dictatorial

      • CEBU CITY, Philippines – Policemen in Moalboal town arrested a Cebuana model and beauty queen and her foreign boyfriend for swimming on a beach in Barangay Basdiot on Sunday, May 10, 2020, in defiance of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

        Maria Gigante and Spanish boyfriend, Javier Filosa Castro, were arrested by the police past 5 p.m. on Sunday, said Police Senior Master Sergeant Jennelyn Awe, desk officer of the Moalboal Police Station.

      • Tito Norman , do you know if Gigante has plans to return to the nationals ? Sayang naman yung perfected American accent nya?

      • @ Fabian Reyes The liquor ban has been controversial, in my view. There were concerns that drunkenness in the home front could lead to a surge in domestic violence, if not abuse. As it is, there have been a handful of incidents of the stuff being distributed, covertly of course. For one thing, it is possible to disguise them as other types of beverages – spiked fruit juice. Second, home brewing – if you ferment rice, nipa sap, or coconut nectar at your private farm – is possible.

        Maria Gigante, we know, is the opposite of her surname…. like Skelly (in my earlier comment here). Like the Lemonades who rejoiced when Sandra “re-built”, the Gigantics will resurface surely when she returns for what is safe to say would be her last shot (since she will be 27 next year, no?). She gives me Jessica Fitriana vibe – petite dusky Malay beauty. BBP or MU 2021?

        She is still with A&Q, right?

  10. Ganda neto kung konti lang make-up. Yung 1 photo holding banana leaf, nagmukha syang ewan. Sayang ang beauty. She has a chance for the crown kung BBP ang pinasok nya.

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