5 comments on “Apriel Smith: A Call for the Backliners in support of the Frontliners

  1. She’s more beautiful with light make up.
    Sorry i don’t like her in that official photo. Mukha syang drawing.

  2. Statuesque. She reminds me of Naomi Campbell. I think she has a good chance of winning the crown.

    • NAOMI: “Don’t compare her to me, EVER! She’s not on my level, and she’ll never be on my level!” 😝

  3. “Cugma” is love? “Nindot” is beauty?

    “Anindot ang Pilipina… Naglibog ako”…., once sang Pilita Corrales. 🙂

    (Pasensiya na po. Tagalog kasi ako. I try to learn….)

    Apriel, I now realize, is our answer to Ariana Miyamoto. I&WP already lionized her back in 2016. I doubt we will come across another black candidate of her caliber anytime soon. If MUP is looking to field our first ever “negra-ay” (negra Pinay) rep, THIS IS HER so do it NOW.

    I like that her “Beyond the Coastlines” video showed something of the rugged-lush-cascading interior of her island. Indeed, look beyond the coast and you discover this aspect of Cebu only quite recently shared to the world. Up at Osmena Peak, it can get chilly-foggy-wet like Tagaytay city, as warm moist air from the sea is thrust skyward by the karst limestone… There, Malaysia-variety chrysanthemums are grown, the Visayas’ answer to the rose farms of Bahong, Benguet (which makes good money from the annual Mothers’ Day observance, except this year, of course).

    Mr. Tinio, I read in local pageant page that ECQ might be retained in NCR, Tagalog Southern Luzon (4A), & Visayas Central (7), which includes Cebu Province.

    Speaking of “Cebu Province”…

    I committed an error. I commented in an Indonesian pageant page that Apriel is “Cebu City”. This post confirmed my mistake there. “Cebu City” is Piczon, and “Mandaue City” is Tracy MP?

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