24 comments on “The Philantrophic Revolution of Sigrid Grace Flores

  1. Sigrid is one candidate in the beauty pageant circuit whose advocacy dates back years before she joined pageants. With a high degree of certainty, we know that her passion for philanthropic revolution will be sustained years after her forays into pageantry. A quintessential holistic beauty!

    • She is pretty though. But her beauty maybe enhanced with a bouncy and voluminous hair.

      • @ serge She might look like a Miss Vietnam. 🙂

        HILIG nila sa bouncy BIG ‘do’s.

        Btw, you want a REALLY PRETTY recent Viet rep to a BIG 3? Check out Nguyen Tuong San, Atty. Patitay’s co-Top 8 last year. Once Bint Sireethorn Leearamwat was called out, Tuong San was the first to give the new queen tribute, latching on to the Thai pharmacist and NOT letting go as all the other candidates MOBBED around….

  2. Her catanduanes video was one of my favorite. Ang ganda din ng body proportion nya. Gandang pinay
    How I wish she tried bbp or mwp Malamang may korona syang mapapanalunan at dahil di ko gusto naririnig ko na plantsado na ang winner

      • @flor I mean this yr flor. Iba dating ni sigrid this yr sure crown sa bbp mgi or globe. Kahit 5’7 sya Ganda NG proportion ni sigrid iba confidence this yr

      • @flor I mean this yr flor. Iba dating ni sigrid this yr sure crown sa bbp mgi or globe. Kahit 5’7 sya Ganda NG proportion ni sigrid iba confidence this yr

      • @ bonsaihater A&Q si SGF, right?

        Notice that with the (possible) exception of Amelinckx, the camp fielded their noobs – Carino, Obenita, Rona, Arnold, Mendoza, & one more I cannot recall right now – at BBP, (safely) sheltering their vets – SGF, Gumabao, Lemonon, Smith, etc. – at MUP.

        Go figure…. 🙂

        This is the reason why I said (before) that the REAL battle will happen at BBP, with said noobs up against a KF onslaught, with a salvo of seasoned independents like Cartasano, Basiano*, & Felizarta.

        * – although Gabby is RL, all bets neither A&Q & KF have been lumped. See Mr. Tinio’s past post.

        I agree with you that SGF may be a good option for either Angkol or Nias “Biday” Pilar. And now going 28 (I think), she might even be better for the latter, with its 30 age maximum.

        But how the A&Q noobs will fare will quite probably determine if SGF ever returns to BBP.

        Sir Boss, we are REALLY ITCHING ALREADY SO MUCH for a BBP 2020 update, PLEASE, po.

    • Hahahaha. Ansabe mo pabyan I will be surprised???? You’re giving yourself away!!!!!

    • Agree!!! I hate basking in the sun, but if he’s with me as volunteer…I don’t see any problem with that at all!!!😄😁😆😃

      • And so do I. There is no problem being honest to one’s self. Hindi gaya ng ibang creatures jan!!!!

  3. Idk how far she’ll go in an international competition
    But she is classy

  4. had she join bbp this year. nasa winning circle ito or even runner up. i know she knew that she will have a chance on bbp since marami crowns. pero in her heart MUP gusto nya so thats why she choose MUP.

  5. Sana magkacrown na si Sigrid. Kung hindi man MUP kahit iba na lang basta marepresent niya lang Philippines sa international stage. She has the wit, the beauty and above all the determination to proudly represent us abroad.

  6. Salamat ng marami sa sasagot….

    Who is the CUTE tall guy in white shirt handing out backpacks to the school kids?


      • @ Norman And, Sir, ano po ‘yung nakasalansan sa likod niya (in the last photo)?

        Sawali o nipa?

        Ang ganda, naman. Ngayon lang ako nakakita na sariwa (green) pa…. May ganyan din sa inyo, po, sa Hagonoy (being a coastal town)? 🙂

      • @ Fabian Reyes ‘Ai! Oo nga, no…. Obando pala ‘yung along the coast. Sorry, Mr. Tinio. 🙂

      • Flor and Fabian, Hagonoy is indeed a coastal town on the western side of Bulacan that leads straight to Bataan

  7. Beauty, brains and virtue. Sigrid is one who epitomizes the holistic beauty– inspires confidence in good times and uplifts character in bad times.

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