12 comments on “Rabiya Mateo: Food for the Hungry, PPEs for the Frontliners and Help for the Pedicab Drivers

  1. Basta Ilongga Guapa! She might not be hyped like the other girls but definitely a lady of substance. She graduated with Latin honours on a tough Physical Therapy course and she is a good example of an empowered woman. All the best Rabiya!

  2. She looks more like one of those cute actresses you see in teen Disney sitcoms than a beauty queen.
    That is a compliment by the way.

    • @ Ramon Lua …. let’s hope for the best, po, as far as ABS CBN is concerned….


      Puwede naman’g iba’ng network, kung pag-aartista lang ang pag-uusapan.

  3. Based on her Beyond Coastline , she does not have the queenly aura of top contenders like Bella and Pauline
    She may have to come back in 5y for the crown

    • @ Fabian Reyes Yes, I agree with you. Medyo petite, kasi. If you look again at the Miss Iloilo 2020 court, she is “out-aura’d” by TALLER Karen Laurrie Mendoza and Keshapornam Ramachandran. Pero maganda siya, not undeserving as the winner. She has similar “rise-above-poverty” backstory as Venus Raj. She mentions this in her “Beyond the Coastlines” video. 🙂

      I commented before in the first Irene Saez post that her dress – with that MONSTROUS asymmetric ruffle – was lifted from the Miss Venezuela 1980 beauty pageant. It only made her look even smaller. But her subsequent black number in the Street Runway Challenge was a triumph! There, in sleek simplicity, you appreciate why she won her Regional.

      And because Mr. Tinio also posted previously on the Mutya Gold batch, I wish to apologize for my failure to watch the FB Live video with Tyra Goldman and April May Short. WIFI issues. 😦

      Blogger Boss, don’t forget, please, po…..

      1) MIG MUST be endorsed to Mdme. CQ for appointment as Philippines next rep to TMotW. As @ Fabian Reyes said, she might come across as “bago’ng-salta” in NY, therefore might not be the best option to be MUP, 2) Kesha herself MUST return to Nationals; intervene on her behalf to the MIlo(2x) organization, and 3) ask the Kings of Iloilo, like Paul Guarnes, JM Suelo, and Christian Villarin, to endorse their region-mate.

      Here in Luzon, “bulig” is either juvenile/small catfish or the motorized farm cart.

      Iloilo S&T U’s Fashion and Apparel Technology Department is akin to UP’s College of Home Economics, I suppose…..

      Not long after my Panglao trip in 1999, I went to Iloilo City for the wedding of a good friend. She and her husband-and-kids are now in the USA. She initially enrolled in UP Miag-Ao but cross-registered in Diliman, and that’s how we met. I was veil sponsor. SM Iloilo was just erected….

      • (cont.)

        “Kuliglig” pala ‘yung motorized farm cart. But it is also cicada. Precisely, it was so named after the sound it made, similar to the mating call of the male insect….


  4. She is pretty.. She has gorgeoeus deep-seated eyes and I Love her piecing look.

  5. I have seen videos of this girl
    While I failed to notice her during the red carpet and runway presentations , her past videos showed she could be a contender .

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