18 comments on “Hail to the Queen of bECQi 2020 – the first successfully completed online pageant in the Philippines

  1. I’m so amazed of how Patrick Isorena looks so different in and out of drag… it’s like 2 different people!?! And let’s not forget that he is a very talented costume designer… that tribal Darna costume he designed for Ongina could win us another “Best National Costume award at Miss Universe.. He could be more than just the “Look Queen” of the local franchise of RPDR… I am totaly gagged!!!

  2. @Serge, this is a pioneering initiative! This showcases that the Philippines is not just a Pageant Powerhouse but also a Pageant Pacesetter. No pandemic can deny the Filipinos’ penchant for celebrating beauty. As I said before, calamities or revolutions come and go, but beauty pageants stay forever! Only in the Philippines….

  3. This pageant could serve as prototype for future online pageants to copy. Pageant-loving Filipinos have proven their ingenuity even during pandemic.

  4. This pageant can serve as prototype for future online pageants to copy. Pageant-loving Filipinos has proven its ingenuity even during pandemic. Congratulations to the organizers.

  5. Mr. Tinio, is this the first ever online beaucon in the world? I’ve been searching the internet and I cannot find anything similar. Or maybe, in my heavy post-lockdown work schedule, I have not searched enough… If it is, the Philippines indeed is the world’s pageant powerhouse even when it comes to innovative adaptation to the challenges of this pandemic.

    I have also been searching the internet for any national pageant with professionally-laid out action plans similar to MUP’s. I think this trailblazing initiative is the world’s first in pageantry, not just in substance but in form! And the speed with which they are able to produce a planning blueprint is impressive. I know the huge difficulty in reinventing a business model for the post-coronavirus world, specially when most coordination takes place via Zoom and Group WhatsApp. But MUP has presented theirs when in our manufacturing company we are just at the stage of finalizing our new Business Model Canvass.

      • @For, ME was ahead in press release, but they lack a written documentation as sophisticated as MUP. For someone in the thick of ideation and deconstruction of a company’s post-coronavirus future, MUP’s planning document appears to me as world class.

    • @ scorg Mr. Tinio is too modest.

      He will simply dismiss his vital role in advising MUPO in this matter as “all of us accredited media”.


      (‘Ay, nako! Maka-split na nga bago ako sapatusin ni Boss Sir…)

      Blogger, please also do your 4-Picks (Elemental Court) for ME 2020. 24 May looms….

      • Yes, Flor, I am an accredited media. It would be hard to go beyond that because I want all the ladies to see me as an ally.

      • @Flor, I won’t be surprised if Mr. Tinio has some inputs in that professionally-written scholarly MUP planning blueprint.

  6. I don’t understand why Tito Norman is so supportive of Chezka in spite of his vulgar posts . Tolerating is fine … but endorsing the vulgarity ?

  7. I like Patrick Isorena’s approach to NatCos design – semi–quirky and never dead-serious. 🙂

    He did AR de la Serna’s in Poland, essentially a denim look jazzed up with the Philippines flag.

    Mr. Tinio, 1) he also did Karen Gallman’s “Moriones” she-gladiator when she competed at MIntercon, right?, 2) Cary Santiago organized “Queens of the Philippines”, right?, & 3) don’t you think Wilbert Tolentino, in the photo, looks like Chase Dasalla?

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