10 comments on “Kia Moreno and her Trolley of Hope

  1. She is pretty . But she is not a stand out . This is still a beauty pageant first and foremost

  2. Zooming on her face….really close,she had this more Asian version of Catriona Gray!!– something with the slant of her eyes and that pert nose!.. luv her!! ..a Silent contender!

  3. Zooming at her facial features..she kinda look like a more Asian version of Catriona Gray!!!

  4. Kia is an absolute class!!!
    Beautiful inside and out!
    She is poised to conquer the universe!!!

    • I hope she has a valid explanation why she was named after a third class automobile ? The name alone sounds like an Asian porn star from the 90’s . Suggestion : Can she use her middle name instead of Kia … if she has one

  5. Beautiful inside and out plus that fact that she is brainy.
    Kia is an absolute class.
    Keep an eye on this lady becauae she is poised to conquer the universe.

  6. Look at what make up can do for you
    She has a nice skin with decent facial features
    Definitely needs to tone up and lose weight .

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