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  1. Kung nag-Binibini to, sa MGI ko siya ilalagay. Sigurado magugustuhan siya ni Nawat Itsagerjfsidflfkfslfkfplxallsilll. Pero dahil nag-MUP 2020 siya, siya ang Best in 2nd Runner Up ko. Chweh!

  2. AGAIN, AGAIN & AGAIN. These are the reasons why Alaiza Malinao CANNOT WIN the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 title:

    1. The MU owners/organizers are looking for a SOLID COMMUNICATOR because the MU winner also serves as the organization’s BRAND AMBASSADORS and SPOKESPERSON for its causes. What do Demi, Catriona & Zozobini have in common. All three are excellent communicators who can carry smart conversations with different people, discuss various topics/themes with ease, and can articulate their thoughts very well in different platforms. Alaiza is JUST GOOD with BAKLAAN TALK. Hindi ito ang hinahanap ng MU.

    2. Why DID SHE TRANSFER to another camp? WALA BA SIYANG TIWALA sa A&Q. O katulad ba ang kaso niya kay MJ Lastimosa na hindi siya favorite dun? Does it something to do with her attitude?

    3. Bakit nagpa-INTERVIEW si Alaiza kay Lavinia sa kanyang YouTube Channel? HINDI ba niya alam na mortal enemy ni JG at ng A&Q si Lavinia? Ano ang napatunayan ni Alaiza with that interview? Of course, that she is VERY GOOD with the BAKLAAN TALK with Lavinia and nothing more.

    4. Millions of viewer(s) worldwide (I’m sure) have not yet forgotten the NOT SO PLEASANT BEHAVIOR she had shown in ANTM. Mauungkat at mauungkat lang ito. I know the MUP team is aware of this concern and I am very sure the team will NOT SEND a GIRL with an ATTITUDE in MU. Baka makikipag-away pa yan dun over TRIVIAL MATTERS (just like in ANTM), kahihiyan pa siya ng buong Pilipinas.

    5. Sa kaniyang advocacy, ewan ko lang kung heartfelt talaga ito. Meron akong reservations pagdating dito.

    SORRY NORMAN at alam kong MAHAL na MAHAL mo ang batang ito. He, he, he…

    • Bella and Alaiza probably didn’t know abt the riff . If they did , would they still acquiesce to an interview ? Probably yes knowing how brutal and abrasive Laila can be .
      ‘Oh , these girls are so stuck up !”

      As for Alaiza’s attitude on. aNTM , I do not see it that way . It’s a show , everything is exaggerated . If you meet Alaiz in person , you will see how nice and friendly she is .

      As regards advocacies , I am against these organizations pushing these girls to haveone. Why ? They are young and still struggling to survive .. and anything that requires selflessness would not appear genuine . I do not know if her heart is 100% for agriculture . Speaking for myself , agriculture is something that I am aspiring to master nowadays … now that I am settled with my professional career . What I am trying to say is that love for agriculture can happen at any point in your life. So I can’t say Alaiza is not genuinely fighting for agriculture .

      I understand comm skills are important . While is not articulate like Bella ( who has a different family and educational background ) or Cat ( who grew up in AUS) , I think she can deliver at Q&A. Will she win MU ? Only time will tell . It depends on who get the other spots in the top 3 . If the other 2 are from Vietnam and Czechoslovakia , then she has a chance .

      • @ Fabian Reyes May I say some about agriculture?

        I recall you said before that traditional agriculture is (now) archaic. I have to agree.

        If still done, then it’s only small-scale. Precisely, as an auxiliary personal activity is one way.

        Because land reform (here in Philippines) fragmented what would have been contiguous land, enough to make possible very efficient production, whatever harvest would be good only for the local market, if not for personal consumption.

        Admittedly, Alaiza’s efforts will have a modest yield. 🙂

  3. Fabian. If alaiza wins. Then possible sya i invite ng Sherri for NYFW if ever magka fashion show. i understand why some rooting for her. i understand why some dont. what i am looking for her is a solid stage performances both SS and EG. i like the awra and the face. Just keep it up. next is Q&A. simple answer with sense and confidence will do. if she will compete with that model type form. anong gowns ba ang bagay sa kanya? Pero Feel ko she will go for green color or emerald for obvious reason.

    • I think she is on top when it comes to form . If the red carpet and runway presentations are to be the weather vane of Alaiza’s SS and EG performance , I think she will be the runaway winner . As for the Q&A, I think she can be trained . Her exposure abroad helps improve her confidence with the English language .

  4. May mga teaser na naglabasan sa FB,

    Miss Universe 2020 will be held in Vietnam but it will be in 2021!

    So, I started pondering if this is actually true or just publicity gimmick!

    Then yesterday, there was a news item in GMA as to how Vietnam succeeded in fighting the virus! They have zero death and the recorded cases is less than 1k which is what the government wants to happen! They also started using the app that records real time suspected COVID if there is a chance you will be in contact with a person! The same scenario in Taiwan where everything is back to normal but the new normal is with social distancing!

    Having said this,

    There is indeed a possibility that this could be true! Where else could you stage a show where candidates will be safe and where government has full support in ensuring public health safety!

    • Based on history, it’s too early to tell … though it won’t be a surprised if MU 2020 happens in Vietnam
      And zero deaths from covid 19? That’s hardly believable . Vietnam is a very high traffic nation . I suspect doctored data from this Communist country , sorry

  5. My first choice for MUP2020 but in light of the pandemic, hope they just appoint Gumabao for MU2020 and let Molinao compete in Oct for MUP2021 title. She can easily run away with the crown.
    Molinao can train for almost a year for MU2021…

  6. I miss my papayas and guapples.. But where are my durians? Are they seasonal in the Philippines ?.
    I also miss those big gigantic mango trees.
    Pics above make me miss the Philippines .

    • @ Fabian Reyes They are now on store shelves year-round. I think there were initially shipping issues with the fruit itself, but these new varieties are better in that regard. 🙂

      • Lol the single one Asian store in my town has closed
        So I need to drive 1-2h to get to the closest one
        I’ll keep it in mind .. to stop by an Asian store to get my durian fix

  7. Wow, she’s really working her way to redeem herself worthy of the crown which I highly aprove. The point that she’s working with LGUs and the fact that she’s a proud Davaoeña of Visayan heritage makes me root for her even more… She may not have the same hosting skills as Michelle Gumabao… nor the classy well-spoken background of Bella Ysmael BUT Alaiza Malinao is the most modelesque glamazon who could easily slay the Q&A now that she has all the vital experiences to speak from her heart.

  8. She may not be so pretty but her modelling experience can work to her advantage. Taking part in the initiative to move food from farm to table, which is her advocacy, is perennially and practically useful because it benefits the farmers and it ensures that food is always available in our tables. I think, she has a chance of winning the crown. She just have to improve her communication skills.

    • Not so pretty?! You gota be kidding me?!

      Her very symetrical exotic facial features and statuesque proportions are more than enough for her to standout and slay in a sea of beautiful women.

  9. I wish I grew up in the mountains .
    We have so much land here but I do not even know what to do with it . It would have been nice to plant your own vegetables and fruit and raise your own chicken cattle and goat . Something to get busy with. … instead of spending so much time on normannorman.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Go for HIGH-VALUE varieties (plant) and breeds (animal). Don’t do what most everybody else is doing. Especially nowadays (as this post shows), there is a market (even niche) for the unusual/specialty/”heirloom”/”acquired taste”/”appellation” (but this last one might require paperwork….).

      You can visit the Department of Agriculture website to know about government programs, but bear in mind that food security and livelihood/socio-economic improvement are their main thrusts.

      MANY agri-based firms can help you (or confuse you as they do their utmost to get your business). Get cozy with your search engine by browsing for “agricultural magazines”.

      I would plant now fruit-bearing and/or hardwood trees, for the long-term.

      Goat is LOVE; I like “kaldereta, kilawin, and papaitan” (halata tuloy ang Ilocano roots ko). With chicken and cattle, you could use their dung/manure as amendment to general farm waste and so the foundation for a small vermiculture venture. I don’t know folks would buy straight-on “poop” for their urban gardens. Your worm production will be interesting for pet owners and perhaps the animal feed industry, if not the aquaculture sector (a clear example of what-goes-around-comes-back-around).

      • Flor, wouldn’t it be nice to have that cycle of cycle of life happen right in your backyard ? I have 2 very prolific peach trees that produce gigantic commercial quality fruits . They come in handy especially when they sell for $3 a pound .

    • But u live in the jungle pabyan. You’re the queen there so marvel in your delight of bananas!!! Hail the queen!!!!!!

      • Pabyan really like bananas figuratively and literally!!!! Anong variety kaya? 🤔🤔🤔

      • Chezka, you would be surprised to know that I have no appetite for that figurative banana , sorry .

      • Well that’s understandable pabyan. Bcoz you’re way past menopausal age. A chimp just like any mammal go through various stages of physical development and degeneration. You’re no different.

      • Sorry b ——-, u need to bark somewhere else .. Not my cup of tea … ever

      • O sya. U will be the first chimp to be canonized! Baklang twooohhhhh!!! palibhasa kulubot na!

  10. My alternative to Bella
    She has the form no one can equal
    A sure top 5 for me at MU
    Needs help at Q&A
    But I think she can be trained … based on her 2015 performance.Malakas ang loob ni Ate
    Is that true she has the support of Pia Megan Kylie Venus among other famous beauty queens .
    I can understand Pia And Kylie because they were batch mates in 2015 .. but Megan and Venus ? Wow!!!

    • @ Fabian Reyes As far as her Q&A is concerned, you are referring to her DELIVERY, right?

      May sense/substance, naman, siya. “Baklaan” kasi ang dating niya, ayon kay @ paul.

      Contrast with Gazini, which not a few felt had no substance whatsoever, only form/delivery.

      No doubt regarding her gumption.

      What now really concerns me is how well our MUP – SINUMAN SIYA – can adjust to life both on the road and in a New York apartment for an entire year. Kung sa bagay, kung si Alaiza lang, she already lived in LA for some time, if I am not mistaken. AND, can she keep up with Americans in general – NFL, NHL, NBA, Oprah Winfrey and similar,….? In the end, MU is STILL a USA-brand!!!

      • Alaiza will get along with Miss USA and Miss Teen USA . Even though she is a farmer , she looks very sophisticated . Actually , I thought she was an atenista like Kylie .
        Alaiza and Bella ( and Michelle Sandra Paula and possibly Pauline and Cavite ) will be fine in NYC
        Apriel Galleria and the rest will be considered ‘bagong salta’ in NYC .

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