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  1. DDS pala lol bye Mishol. Alaiza and Maria Isabella Galeria have always been the one top morena beauties in this batch though so kebs hihihi.

    • @ nope Do read what @ scorg said, po. A little perspective can help…. 🙂


  3. So what if she supports our president Duterte who has 85% aproval ratings in our country?! I am sure the Jewish owners of IMG are thrilled for a Jewish descendant like Sarah Duterte to hold a national executive position in our country in the future. I don’t see any reason for anyone to disaprove of Michelle unless they are part of the small dying yellow opposition… Because of this, I’m now rooting for Michelle Gumabao over the obviously yellow Bella “Roxas” Ysmael. There is no use to suck up to the yellows since their biggest media network alie has already been shutdown. The US born Michelle Gumabao who has a lineage of Chinese, Tagalog, Kapampangan, Bicolano, etc. would be the perfect winner to promote MUP to all corners of the country and the world in partnership with our’s nation’s department of Tourism… I would maybe root for Aliza Malinao as well if she would give us a hint of her political leanings.

    • To be fair to Michelle and Bella, let their respective political leanings do not diminish their chances of getting the crown. Afterall, this is a democratic country and everybody should be respected of his own political belief.

    • I don’t understand what political affiliation has to do with pageantry or on your wanting for a candidate to be the winner.

      • LOL… it means everything..
        Same reason why Margarita Roxas Moran, Bea Rose Santiago and Marielle De Leon won Binibining Pilipinas… while Wynona Buot & Teresita Sen Marquez were only semi-finalists..

    • I am a moderate supporter of any politician. If they did something wrong, then I may critique them. If they do something good, I am quick to praise. With how things in the government went I developed an adverse leaning from the government. There are so many cry wolf stories in this government. What does popularity have to do with it? My stand is never swayed.

      Regarding Michelle Gumabao, she still needs to develop her glam appeal. In her previous pageant competition, really she looked very ordinary and her facial features are not striking. Her body is athletic which I suppose can be okay given that Catriona has it also. Michelle should be repackaged. But my comments are not related to her being a Duterte supporter that is her prerogative. Her stylist should do something about it and I believe others have noticed my comments too.

      Parang maganda siya for local pageants (and we are familiar about her and her story is also compelling) but in international competition, she blends in the background. Let this be a challenge for her.

  4. Speaking of weight loss, nakita niyo ba bagong picture of British singer Adele? Grabe ang weight loss! Halos hindi ko siya nakilala!

    If not for the COVID, MetGala na dapat ngayon!

    On the other hand, Stephenie Meyer, will have a follow up of the Twilight saga! Na-excite ako dun? Ano na kaya plot? Focus on Renee-Esmee?

  5. Two weeks ago pinag-fiesta-han sa FB yang weight loss ni Michelle!

    Supalpal ang mga bashers!

    Nawalan ng maipipintas!

    Sa comment box, attached naman kaagad picture ni Alaiza in her balcony wearing also a midriff!

    I want Michelle to be Miss Universe Philippines 2020 although I am not expecting her to win Miss Universe given the current status of IMG, maba-bartolina lang siya dun! Makuha lang niya yung kauna-unahang 2nd Runner up placement ng Filipinas, masaya na ko!

  6. Oh. That fist sign. So DDS pala sya. Time to find another MUP bet.

    That political alliance is not the kind I want representing us abroad. Gives me shivers just thinking about her defending Duterte in any capacity.

    • @Regine, I don’t give much weight to that fist sign of hers. She may have been constrained to do the fist sign for the photo-op with the military sychophants, whose help she needed for her project. I have an experience when I attended a Philippiner Independence celebration in the country where I work. The Philippine Ambassador, a political appointee, went from table to table for photo-ops where she asked all to do the fist sign in front of the camera. The people in my table reluctantly obliged. I did not. The Ambassador gestured to me to clench my fist. I simply did not. She then quipped: “Dilawan ka ‘no!”. I actually do not have any political color, but even if I do, it is against my principles to show any symbolism of partisan politics in a sacrosanct celebration of our independence. When I asked my friends why they did the fist sign, they all said “Kahiyaan na, eh”.

  7. Sjeffie Cheon, Flor Tula, Fabian Reyes sunud-sunod na nagpost ang mag-schoolmates. Norman active ngayong Sabado ang fans mo from Diliman Republic. Kulang na lang si Scorg. Ha, ha, ha…

    By the way Flor, napanood mo na ba Ang Huling El Bimbo, the Hit Musical (online or live onstage)? Anong masabi mo sa musical? Thanks.

    And the 2020 Miss Universe Philippines is – Michelle Gumabao!

    • @Paul, UP blood smells UP blood. I can easily sense only two from among the three names you mentioned. And I can also sense UP blood in you, the dorm-rowdy social realist type. My UP is for my undergraduate degree; my postgraduate course is not.

    • @ paul ‘Ay, maganda daw, sabi ng FB frens ko. I will take their word, and yours, for it. 🙂

      I have seen RS Francisco literally butt-naked in Dulaan’g UP’s production of “M. Butterfly” and Tetchie Agbayani in “Lysistrata” staged at the Metropolitan Theater before it closed for good.

      I think @ Fabian Reyes is Manila campus. I think he is a dentist by profession.

    • Proud presumptuous self-righteous and highfalutin , not characteristic of a true UP grad . My hats off to Flor Paul and Sjeffie !.

  8. If Michele Therese Imperial Gumabao, 28 represents the
    P H I L I P P I N E S !!!!! …well, I don’t see any problem with that at all! 🥰😍🤩😘

    • Wow!!.. really sending kilig-chills up my spine knowing am with several pageant denizens from UP in this forum…my alma mater!

  9. @ Fabian Reyes Patch might be stressed out by the pressure. Let’s allow her to weigh things.

    I don’t think Miriam Somnprommas is MU material.

    But New Mexico, DEFINITELY; if WME-IMG wants a home court win again to cut costs, she’s good to go! USA’s last win was Olivia Culpo – 2012 – so, puwede na ulit… 🙂

  10. With at least. 3 outstanding ladies waiting in line to win MUT , chances are Thailand will win MU pretty soon . I hope someone from the Philippines Europe or the Americas will block this from happening . Even a win Africa would be a welcome relief . I don’t care if 3 more South Africans win … just not Thailand .

  11. I think she has a great chance of winning the title. She is beauty and brain. I love her physique. Her muscles are toned. She is also doing activities which are somehow in line with MUP org vision and mission. She just have to lose weight a little more. Enhance her buttocks a little more. She also has to improve her pasarela.

  12. A truly beautiful woman inspires confidence in good times and uplifts character in bad times. This is beauty in all its dimensions—physical, cerebral and spiritual—that this pandemic juxtaposes. This is celebration of beauty in its most meaningful essence. Thank you Michele for leading the way to be a role model, a rallying point, and a harbinger of hope.

    • But this does not mean that Michele is already my definitive choice for MUP. I have yet to learn how the other contenders demonstrate their multidimensional beauty, especially during this challenging situation. I have seen Bella’s and Alaiza’s. I have known Sigrid’s even before she signed up for MUP. I am particularly interested how Isabela’s access to healthcare advocacy played out during this pandemic. And so with many other brains-beauty-virtue contenders to the MUP crown.

  13. my preference is Gumabao for MU 2020 , Molinao for MU2021 , Magtanong for MU 2022

    • @ jaretwrightlover Patch will overage by MU 2022. She is 2021 at the latest. Her last chance.

      • I have a feeling Patch won’t join MUP anymore . She may migrate to the US to pursue her advanced education . Idk how the process is because I m in a different field . But I know some people from UP Law who went to Harvard after UP law

      • @Flor, Patch is still eligible for 2022 as long as the MUP Final Screening that year happens before her 28th birthday on April 27, 2022. No need na yung coronation night mismo ang mangyari before her 28th birthday. Basta yung Final screening lang ang need iconsider ang date talaga.

  14. It’s hard to be a beauty queen . Too much is expected of u without assurance of a good return . I hope this is really what Michelle wants

  15. Is the guy in the “Phoenix” shirt, kneeling, in Tarlac, Michelle’s bodybuilder jowa? Kahit naka shades at mask, tagos pa rin ang CUTE-ness. 🙂

    That photo at UNTV with PNP-APCCI Multimedia, you guys see that hat on the table? Juices! Even that, nagagawa na sa China…. 😦

    It’s made from the fibers of the indigenous “buri’/”buli” (Corypha elata). A black strip of fabric/ribbon is the accent. Very tropical, if “fart-sy” (aging, pang “thunders”). Pair with Hawaiian floral print shirt and board shorts, and you’re good to go to hit the beach.

    If Alaiza has a big/wide mouth, Michelle has a big nose. Mr. Kurniawan, please teach her to contour so that it appears small, like a button, like Catriona’s very feminine schnoz.

    Mr. Tinio, can you engage Michelle in a one-on-one, to ask what she has learned about the city whom she represents at MUP? Can she do justice to the sash? Yeah, I know QC is on hard lockdown…. Btw, I really believe it is best to extend the NCR ECQ to month’s end. HMD to AT, po.

    • That’s Michelle’s boyfriend, Aldo Panlilio, brother of Xavi Panlilio, who Is married to Dani Barretto, half-sister of princess head bitch in charge Julia Barretto, niece of queen head bitch in charge, Gretchen Barretto, common law wife of Tony Boy Cojuangco, son of dowager queen mother head bitch in charge, Imelda Conjuangco (rip).

      Does that answer your question?

      Michelle Gumabao is looking very fit.

      If personality & communication skills were the sole basis of winning, she is definitely ahead of the class for the inaugural MUP title. Now her physique is catching up.

      I like the discipline she’s showing.

      She really wants it.

      For some reason, A&Q is really able to train & mold the women with the confidence & fighting spirit for the Miss Universe title.

      Keep safe everyone!

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