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  1. My Miss World Philippines 2021/ MUP2020 Best in 1st Runner Up! Chweh!

  2. I begin to suspect that Fabian and Flor are playing devil’s advocate. He he he.

  3. I still don’t understand why people think advocacies are the breath that gives life to pageantry . Beauty pageants contests are still an entertainment business with advocacies as a mere incidental to pageantry’s existence . Unless those advocacies bring dollar to the organization , they will not be and should not be the focus of pageantry.
    Let’s keep beauty pageants as A celebration of beauty and leave the rest somewhere else.

    • @ Fabian Reyes I agree with you. I recall @ Closer2Fame’s explanation of the Singkil (dance), that it was also an occasion wherein the community’s beautiful individuals (of the nobility) could be put out for admiration (?); he said it was a form of pageantry, as well.

      I want to add that when some folks long ago offered human sacrifice, it was their most beautiful, because the gods deserved nothing less, lest the crops fail….

      Either way, pageantry had no charitable component or noble social cause to advocate then. And in any case ALWAYS involved ceremony, finery, and pomp.

      Perhaps organizers along the way had to find a way to make money while making it appear altruistic. For example, you can have a “celebrity golf/tennis tournament” with “a portion of proceeds going to (whichever orphanage/scholarship/medical mission, etc.”.

      And along the way, labels such as “beauty with a mission” and “inner beauty” became a convenient way to distinguish it from other “noble cause”.

      • Our pre-colonial pageantry was more than just entertainment… it was for the purpose of building alliances, uniting kingdoms and creating peace….

    • Kaya wala nang gana ang mga tao manuod ng beauty pageants kasi masyado maraming ka ekekan. Ang gusto ng tao e yung ma entertain sila at makita na ang pinakamagandang hayop sa balat nang lupa ang manalo hindi yung mainis at magtaka silang makita na ang mga walang karapat dapat na mga ambisyusang chakakan ang nananalo. After all, this is a BEAUTY pageant and not a Miss Advocacy Universe/World/Earth/International.

      Kaya kunti nalang ang mga dyosa ang gustong sumali ng beauty pageants kasi ang mga panget lang naman ang mga pinapanalo, so what’s the point.

      Kaya kayong mga kulang sa ganda, wag naman sobrang kapal. Tingnan nyo muna kung ano sinasalihan nyo.

      Di nyo ba napansin na yung mga panget pa ang sobrang confident na gustong sumali. Jusmiya!

      • @ Sjeffie Cheon Don’t you, mars. Baka diyan ang sunod na destino ni Bella. Huwag mo’ng gagalitin si ALV. 🙂

      • But then you get beautiful but empty shells like Maxine and Rachel who do win but have nothing else substantial to put on the table.

    • Society evolves and so the role of women in the society does. I love to see women who are aspiring to become beauty queens to be well-rounded in order to break beauty pageant stereotypes. Candidates should not only be beautiful and intelligent, but should have the capacity to take up different roles in the society.

  4. This advocacy is very important kahit hinde timely. i still dont know if may past mu candidates na yan ang advocacy while competing. if ever meron na. nothing wrong to represent again anything on this advocacy. nasa pagsasalita naman yan. as long as she can convince or caught the attention of the peepz and MUO or judges then so be it. Kylie was good on handling this advocacy and i think its not just because she was patient but because she is really smart and know how to talk. if bella wins. well i think she can do her homework with 90+ score. but in over all. i think amelinx is still the one that we should send in MU. MG is no ordinary looking now a days. she is glowing. she just need to lose more weight and make it more toned. but among the candidates. apriel has the more solid or smooth walking skills.

    • When is it never timely ?
      We need People to understand that it’s not their fault as it can be hereditary or a result of chemical balance … and that it can be treated so they can live their best lives .
      Do you know how many lives have been wasted because of the way people label MH?

      So this advocacy will always be prime time until people understand MH the way they should

  5. Please answer anybody. Even better if Bella herself can. 🙂

    Why is mental health awareness seemingly elitist in orientation here in our country? Meaning, tends towards A&B demographic….

    On the C&D side, it’s “shab_ is key”. Like that SAP beneficiary in Cavite who instead got the stuff.

    On the A/B side, it’s all sorts of fancy terms….

    On the C/D side, it’s simply “sa mental (hospital)”, “may sayad/diprensiya”, or “tuliling/topak”?

    • One’s perception of mental health depends on his/her level of awareness. Usually, the A/B crowd is more informed about issues regarding mental health. This crowd knows that mental illness lies along the spectrum, that a slight change in normal behavior already matters. Whereas C/D crowd is less informed about the issue. This group only knows both ends of the spectrum, mentally normal and mentally abnormal in its most severe form.

    • I am happy that Bella’s advocacy is mental health awareness. There is indeed a need to increase the level of mental health awareness among Filipinos in order to slowly eliminate the public stigma of mental illness.

    • “Why is mental health awareness seemingly elitist in orientation here in our country? Meaning, tends towards A&B demographic….”

      It is a very broad topic to cover with different perspectives to dissect the issue. But for the sake of discussion, one of the reasons that perpetuates an elitist orientation of mental awareness is the way that mass media portrays mental issues or disability. For it cannot be denied that in spite the advances in digital technology and its mass accessibility, telenovelas et al., with often recycled story lines, still have that undeniable influence among the masses. At the same time, there is always that reluctance among the populace to accept differing point of view especially if it does not conform with what the majority perceive as the norm. Case in point: childhood autism. People would readily attribute or describe such condition as being “pinaglaruan ng duwende.”

      On a side note, people in this blog could write the most vile and vulgar words possible or deride political parties or affiliations in the Philippines, but still their postings are not quarantined (to quote one comment here). But writing CCP, covid-19, HK in a posting would be a sure thing for posting deletion.

      As I have said, I…this blog, which I found way back the time of Venus.

      • @ XYZ I feel among those alluded to…. 🙂

        For the record, I VOLUNTARILY opted to cease mention of “CCP, the USA-RP military bases, & Mt. Pinatubo” after @ Fabian Reyes said I should just stop doing so. The DECISION was ENTIRELY mine.

        And when I lamented in the Michelle Gumabao post that “buri” hats are now made in China, it is meant to call attention to many aspects of our culture-heritage we Filipinos fail to take FULL advantage of. We are to blame for this. Never mind that it is cheaper to do/make such things there.

        I recall your comment where you said (beep!) effectively put an end to the massive demonstrations/protests in KH. So, it wasn’t deleted/quarantined.

        Thank you and @ serge for your comments. Sa madali’ng salita, mass media can make a difference in making a greater chunk of our society more informed on mental health. That’s great!

    • I don’t Think it matters where u belong in the hierarchy of life
      Once they find out you have been to a psychiatrist. , you will be marked for life .

      As for my case, Almost 90% of the people I see ( and a lot of people I work with ) have some psych diagnosis. One day , I talked to a Pinoy medical professional abt our common clerk and she said ‘Uy , may kililing yan sa Utak, maraming gamot na iniinom !’

      So It is really a hard sell even for a medical professional … and generations of education are needed for Pinoys to eventually accept the idea that there is an ‘alternate normal’ . I am glad beauty queens have started this conversation with the AB class hoping…. the info will trickle down to the CD group.

  6. I like Bella but she should just be a runner up… I don’t want her to win to a non audience Coronation night… And maybe there will be no Miss Universe finals as well. If meron naman, ayaw ko syang manalo sa MU at ma stuck lang sa NY… She is still young, she should win na lng after this pandemic.

  7. Bella’s advocacy on mental health is most timely and valuable in this period when people are battered emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually. This is a big plus for her candidacy. To quote Mr Tinio: “… being a pageant candidate these days is no longer as simple as getting a glam team to help in the physical aspects of the endeavor. The inner substance should also be shown.” This is because today’s concept of beauty is no longer just the archaic physical dimension, but also the intellectual and spiritual dimension. In fact, the latter concept is the one that provides meaning and lends relevance to pageantry in this unprecedented scourge on humanity. I believe, this is the same perspective that will sustain the business of pageantry in the bumpy post- COVID 19 world.

  8. She exudes grace, class, elegance, and sophistication. She can communicate well. I sense she is channeling her inner Margie Moran. I think she has a good shot at winning the title.

  9. Mr. Tinio, could you please enlighten us as to just WHEN EXACTLY mental health awareness became THE advocacy-of-choice for pageantry in Philippines?

    My earliest recollections of this were Kara David’s 2016 interview with Kylie Verzosa. Kara pointed out that Kylie’s advocacy was something unheard of (before), but I fully understood considering the newly-crowned Miss International herself endured depression. And if I am not mistaken, her own father (Mr. Arie Verzosa) is/was bipolar.

    You also dedicated a post to Imelda Schweighart’s “antics” the following year at ME…. Kumusta na po ‘yung anak niya with CD? Who has custody now of Sun Noach S.D.?

    ‘Censya na po kung tsimosa…. 🙂

    …. Just awaiting the minutes ’til the FB Live interview of April and Tyra at the Mutya page.

    • Kylie was the poster girl for mental health because she lived through it all. And she was not ashamed to admit it.

  10. Hmmm… Goal here is to achieve the highest possible placement at MU if not win since we already won twice in the past 5 years….

    Michelle Gumabao is the best speaker with a high commercial value…

    Aliza Malinao is the most modelesque who easily transforms into a total glamazon….

    While Bella Ysmael is without a doubt exuding with class….

    All 3 of them are almost at parr with each other except for their specific strengths that outweigh the others… the question is… “Who is the total package?”…

  11. Pretty classy Smart and Articulate , Bella is my first choice for MUP
    Next in line is Alaiza , ang galing ng porma
    Third is either Apriel Pauline Sandra or Paula
    If MIchelle wins MUP , I won’t have any problem with that at all. But it may signal the start of another painful dark era

    • @ Fabian You keep mentioning that, “another dark era”.

      Now that we have a BIGGER picture of the MUO saga since Pia’s win, is it not likely that the TRUE dark era – that of the organization – is the one we REALLY should worry about?

      Because Philippines, you will agree, has done PLENTY for them already. Are you worried they will drop us again soon? Besides hoping for the best, what can you suggest we do to improve our game?

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