9 comments on “Will Gazini Ganados crown her Miss Universe Philippines successor?

  1. Mr. Tinio, the BASIC assumption here is that MUP FORMALLY (in writing) requested for Jazz.

    Otherwise, ano ‘to? Pakiramdaman?

    Is BPCI considering it as a “booking”?

  2. It is good to see an outgoing queen relinquishing the crown to the new queen. It is a symbolic gesture of passing the royalty and the responsibility attached to it to the new titleholder. There is no problem with that if that happens after Gazzini’s contract with BPCI expires. But while Gaz is still under the management of BPCI, allowing Gaz to crown the new MUP should be voluntary. If BPCI will not allow Gaz, MUP org should not take it against BPCI.

  3. I think it is a matter of basic courtesy and respect to the person and to the title that the outgoing titleholder relinquish the crown to the new queen. Gazini did her utmost best to represent the country. She deserves the honor of turning over the crown and the responsibilities associated with the title to the new queen. In this time when pageantry is facing a bleak uncertain business landscape, goodwill and cooperation from all stakeholders is all the more necessary.

  4. Gazini should.

    Lahat ng kinoronhan ng KF naging Miss Universe (MJ to Pia, and Rachel to Catriona)

    • @ kean Basa mo na ‘yung comment ni @ Miss Queen Wannabe (just below)?


      I guess it could go either way, pala.

  5. Bakit mahalaga ba kung si Gazini ang magpuputong ng korona sa mananalo. Sa totoo lang hindi mahalaga. Kung sakaling walang suwerte si MIss Universe Philippines 2020 sa patimpalak, siyempre sisihin ng mga tsismosang palaka si Gazini dahil siya ang nagputong ng korona.

  6. One of the most beautiful faces of Bb (hollywood caliber) and perhaps the best body of Bb … ever … !!!

  7. I don’t see any problem with that all! 😊
    Napaka sama naman ni SMA kung di nya papayagan si Gazini.
    Kung hindi naman, pwede naman si Catriona or Pia di ba? Or Zozi.

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