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  1. The only one I was nervous about was Olivia
    I did not even see Ariadna as a threat . She just didn’t have a MU vibe

  2. Good memories in Vegas that year, made more unforgettable by Steve’s mistake. I left too soon, but my hubby’s Colombian so he stayed to celebrate, saw the whole thing, and ended up fuming lol. I wished I stayed behind but was too annoyed with initial results. Oh well, it worked out fine for both ladies in the end.

  3. Paulina did a good job taking over after Steve Harvey corrected himself and then abandoned the two ladies on stage.
    I hope MU replaces that old boomer.
    Replace him with someone younger and much pleasant to look at.
    His jokes are not funny, he’s abrasive when he interviews the candidates, and his reaction whenever he announces Colombia or the Philippines as a semifinalist is getting old, as if he never moved on 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • I agree with you about Paulina. I thought she handled it with grace and class…. considering she’s also from Colombia and Ariadna being a distant cousin. I’m sure it was emotionally “different” for her too. She just did what she was directed to do, without looking hesitant, yet, was also celebratory of Pia’s win. Great job!

  4. Aminin niyo, sa final Q and A lang talaga lumamang si Pia kay Ariadna. Sa swimsuit, nilamon siya dun ng buhay ni Ary. Kahit sa EG. Kung under ito kay Trump, malamang sa alamang hindi mananalo si Pia Marie Ongpauco Wurtzbach laban sa baklaang performance ni Ary. Chars! Halos magkabone structure sila ni Heart. Maliban sa thigh part. Wala kasing masyadong laman yung kay Pia. Chweh! Vamos Colombia!

    • @Vina but if the rumors back then were true, it was Pia who ranked #1 during the swimsuit competition, while Ariadna ranked #1 during the Evening Gown competition.

    • Ariadna’s body is too athletic which is quite opposite of Pia’s voluptuous hourglass figure with jiggling boobs that without a doubt hit the homerun!

    • Unanimous decision daw sabi ng judges. Kahit yata tumambling pa si Ary ay di talaga sya feel ng judges. Pero inamin din naman na panalo ang EG ni Ary.

  5. Tito Norman may mga grammar police po dito. They’re here to point out your simplest mistake or that of your ghost writer. Pag pasenyahan nyo na po sila. Wala kasi sila magawa sa homecare. You know naman mga masyonda may lucid intervals. Nasa Ego Integrity vs. Despair na kasi sila in Erikson’s 8 Stages of Development. Wanting to be relevant ang mga lolabels nyo. Hahahaha!!!

    • Madami perfect sis na mga Pinoy! Pati ako nga binash dati ng mga perfect human beings d2! Hahahaha. 😊

      • U guys do not get the point
        It’s not abt the grammar
        It’s abt Tito Norman who is normally very meticulous with grammar and spelling ….
        And the question of whether he writes all of the articles or not

    • @ Chezka Buti nga dito, grammar lang.

      Du’n sa kabila, pati punctuation at spelling.

      Lucid ako ngayon. May hangin kasi. Hirap kapag wala’ng electric fan. Agawan dito sa’min. 🙂

      Pero to be fair, sa’yo ko lang nalaman na puwede pala magkakuto ang uod.

      Paano magkamot ang uod, po? Kakaskas niya sarili niya sa lupa/pader? Kawawa naman siya…

      • Iba po talaga ang masyonda.Pati comprehension malala na. Its ok po aling plor. When my lola was your age kasingkulit mo sya. She passed on 2 years ago at age 82. Ingat lang po diyan sa homecare. Lumabas ka rin kung minsan. Buti hindi ka pinapalo ng caregiver mo diyan.

  6. Pia would not be as popular though if this did not happen. She was just like any other MU Winner, unlike Megan that really stands out from other MW winners. Thus, this is a blessing in disguise for Pia Alonzo.

  7. Pia has maintained her gorgeousness … in fact m
    She’s a lot prettier now than when she won MU. I like her classic vibe.

  8. 2015 and 2018 are my favorite shows . I just keep watching them over and over again . I never get tired of them . Thanks Pia and Cat !

  9. This is the second time Mr. Tinio “threw” this back in the blog. The first time, I do not recall it garnered much traffic.

    Essentially, Blogger Sir uses it now to segue to what he probably wanted to say – Pia is active on the CoV19 assistance effort, and more importantly SUSTAINED.

    Pia, imo, should be THE ONE to crown MUP 2020, neither Jazz nor Cat.

    • Flor, What do you think of the grammatical gaffes in the last few entries ? Not that it matters . .. but it’s unbecoming of Tito Norman . Hence , the idea of bong700 that maybe He has writers working for him . Tito Norman has already verified this is all his.

      • @ Fabian Reyes Lately na lang ulit siya hands-on. Sinabi niya noon na may lady who would occasionally fill in for him. I forgot her name, though. Of course, we do not know if we are still seeing that lady now. But if so, we must acknowledge that she is her own person and may betray a mindset distinct from Blogger’s every so often. Are you referring to @ Chezka?

        And now that you have brought it up….

        Mr. Tinio, only quite recently did you reveal HERE that you did PR work for Leren. Of course, when she was competing at (The) Miss Globe, I will admit no one here asked if you did…. Only @ CatrionaFan and @ paul directly asked if you do PR work for MUP and Alaiza/Celeste, respectively. To the latter, you said you “reached out”. To the former, you said “us accredited MUP media partners”. Of course, hindi ka naman obligado’ng i-divulge ang business dealings mo dito. Confidential ‘yan….

        I also recall you mentioned Atty. Nad Bronce requesting you sit down with him to go over the Q&A training module for MUP 2020. Of course, it does not mean “anything beyond”.

        GUYS, HUWAG NA NATIN BIGYAN NG MALISYA ANG CHOICES NI MR. TINIO. He is, after all, a professional blogger which means he does all this for a living. At lahat ng tao ay entitled maghanap-buhay at mag-desisyon kung kanino sasanib at sino’ng tutulungan. IT IS WHAT IS. 🙂

      • Flor , Chezka was Gazelle before . Then she was also someone who for some reason was able to track down my place of origin

    • Juicecolored!!!!! Natulog lang ako more than the usual pinag usapan na pala ako ng mga masyonda dito aka pabyan at aling flor. At ako pa tinurong ghost writer daw ni Tito Norman. It would have been an honour to pinch hit for him. But sorry ghourlsssss. U miss your target mga lolas. Baka hindi nyo nainom mga gamot nyo. At ang baro’t saya mga lolabels nanlilimahid na. You pooped in your long skirts mga lolashies. Eewww!!!!

  10. During the crowning of Pia. I had mixed emotions then. I was happy and proud for Pia and for our country, but sad for Miss Colombia at the same time. This was an event witnessed by millions of people worldwide, as host, Steve should have reviewed the result over and over again. It was such a big mistake on his part.

  11. I love these pictures ,,, Harvey is such an F*ked up bumbling idiot !!! …

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