11 comments on “Pauline Amelinckx: Smoldering with both beauty and substance

  1. She’s a bit too commercial…
    What I want from her is more high-fashion. 🙂

  2. Do tell her that ..in some pictorials such as this..when you are on your barefeet..and on the beach..it helps to tiptoe so as to elongate your legs more..it adds to a more VERTICALLY STRETCHED LOOK!.. PAULINE is sooo pretty..and Intelligently Smart!!.. this is a positive friendly comment lang naman…i both luuuvv Pauline ang Michelle G.

    • @ Viggo Bjorn Also helpful were her twisting the torso (Evelina Papantoniou’s trick to enhance the effect of a TINY waist) and the monochromatic asymmetric one-piece swim wear.


      The eye can thus trace an imaginary line from toe tips to head.

      • Indeed Flor,..Super Agree in there on your imaginary thingy!.. “thereby creating an illusion of being tall & Statuesque!”

    • Something off on her last photo on the sand…there’s some restraint on her mouth expression. I hope she could fix this. If she needs to smile, then smile…doing the half open mouth expression does not register well on this picture. But she’s pretty for sure!!!

  3. I can vouch for that sand!


    I was in Panglao in 1999. On our last evening (before moving on to Cebu), my companions and I strolled the moonlit beach, the warm GENTLE waves lapping on our feet. The sand reflected the lunar light. We got as far as the Grande Dame – The Bohol Beach Club.

    The morning after, I got up just as “agaw-dilim” transpired. I waded into the still-GENTLE-warm water, and to my delightful surprise felt little things crawling just under the submerged sand. Once there was enough sun, I scooped a handful of the white stuff and found, squirming in my palm, small starfish as white as the sand they called home…. In the broad daylight, it is possible to collect bigger red-to-brown knobby starfish; we brought them over for a fun-informal population count. In a 10-meter stretch of beach, we found about thirty (30).

    @ Cool Brew, are you FEELING this, Dude?

      • @ Fabian Reyes Yes. They were in air after the seawater and sand drained out of my cupped hand. Probably they hate exposure. Not worms, but proper sea stars with five (5) arms each. 🙂

        ERRATUM : …waves lapping AT (not “on”) our feet.

        My apologies for misspelling. Amelinckx. No “z” at the end.

  4. She has a good body proportion. I love her muscles being defined. But I think, she has to shed some pounds.

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